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But I'm Pretty Good at Drinkin Beer

This post brought to you by laziness and listening to Billy Currington on repeat.  And by the fact that today, September 28, is National Drink a Beer Day!  Who's celebrating with me?

Before we get started on drinking beers today, let me tell you about all the things I do not excel at:

I've never finished an entire mascara before (a) getting bored or (b) it drying out beyond saving.  I HAVE finished chapsticks, which I think a lot of people can't say, but never a darn mascara.

I get easily distracted so if I'm working on a task I don't really care about, it'll likely never get done because I'll find 10,000 other things to work on.

I want to be good at video games but apparently I'm lacking in hand eye coordination.  If you didn't know, I've known my boyfriend and his family for many years.  His younger brother Eric is now 25 and I used to play video games with him when he was 9 or 10.  He remembers that I always wanted to play Gotham Racing, because I didn't have to use so many buttons, but he didn't mind because he could actually beat me, as opposed to playing against the system which was really hard.  I couldn't even beat a 9 year old at going around in a circle.

I'm only semi-decent at beer pong, and only after I've had 7 beers.  Don't even ask about bags (corn hole), that's even worse.

I can't walk in heels, even after all these years of trying.

I never check my phone.  Not calls or voicemails, not emails, not social media.  Sometimes texts, if I feel like it.  I don't even know why I own a smartphone, what a waste of money.

As much as I declutter, I keep buying lipsticks in pretty colors that I don't wear, because they're really dark purples and reds that aren't work appropriate.

Yard work.  I've never mowed a lawn or pulled a weed in my life and I have absolutely no intentions of doing so.  I can, however, turn the sprinkler on to water the plants.

Wearing my retainer.  I need to straighten out my top teeth, I know I do, and yet you'd think the retainer was made of poison for all the times I manage to put it in my mouth.

Wearing jewelry.  My ears are so sensitive that it's just such a process to wash earrings every time I want to wear them.  Necklaces I just forget about altogether.  I own a few, I just to manage to put them on.  Oh well.

... but I'm pretty good at drinkin beer.

My Healthiest Fluff Nugget (Without the Guessing Game)


On Wednesday Hawkeye and I went on an adventure.  While we go on walks every day, we don't often hop in the car and drive somewhere other than my parents' house to visit their dogs.  So I decided we were going over to Kriser's Natural Pet Store to pick out treats and toys, because that's what you do during mid-week slumps.  And we both loved it.

yeah, this one, mom

One of my very favorite things about this store, to be perfectly honest, is that it doesn't smell.  Not like animals, not like food.  You know how much I appreciate impeccably clean spaces, so I had to mention it.  It made me want to stay all night, which is about how long I would need to check out all the toys.

But beyond just being a fun outing, it's a place you can trust.  Since Hawkeye just turned 7, I've been on a mission to get her on everything healthy and good for her, to ensure that she lives forever.  Which she will.  So I wanted to go get her new treats, specifically, because the ones she has have a long ingredient list that I'm not comfortable with.  Everything Kriser's Natural Pet sells is natural and healthy, free of by-products, nothing is irritating, and everything comes from trusted companies.  Basically, show up and shop.  No need to read labels for scientific code words that mean your pet is doomed.  I love that I don't have to guess if something is going to irritate Hawkeye's stomach or worse.

The Kriser's staff, called the Pack, was incredibly helpful.  Hawkeye loved them, of course.  She loves anyone who pets her and calls her pretty.  I also loved that another 'regular' came in while we were there, another fluff ball named Oliver, and the staff remembered him by name.  Not sure they remembered his human's name, but I'm not sure that matters anyway!  Kriser's has the cutest Instagram page, maybe he's featured on there.  I'll have to check and report back.  (One of the staff members we chatted with, Samantha, is on there holding a German Shepard puppy about 9 photos down.  SO CUTE.)

They took the time to take me all around the store and answer any questions about the treats and toys we were eyeing, as well as all the supplements they have available for her joint health (something owners of Pomeranians and their weak knees patellas are always concerned about.)  No one ever forgot that I said she was allergic to chicken as soon as we walked in.  And before you go thinking we're special because (a) Hawkeye is the cutest dog ever and (b) I had my camera, I also witnessed them do this for Oliver, a German Shepard named Bronx, and another handsome pit bull lab mix that came in.  The pit bull mix got fitted for snow booties.  He was less than thrilled, but I think the treats made up for it.

And Chicago friends in need of a new furry family member, my particular Kriser's in Bucktown is having an adoption event tomorrow!!  Please go.  Please go give everyone a home.

For both my Chicago and non-Chicago friends, click here to get yourself 20% off any item, you'll also be entered to win a $200 gift card.  There's stores here in Illinois and in California, Colorado, and Texas.  I'm confident you'll enjoy yourself and find new favorite products in the process.  Your pet will thank you too.  And probably their vet.

For the record, we walked away with a new mummy toy in time for Halloween that she's already trying to unravel and a cookie shaped like Frankenstein, some joint supplements, teeth cleaning mini bones, and of course, bully sticks.  She's still working on this and she couldn't be happier.  

We'll be back.  Not on adoption day because I'll take EVERYONE home and Hawkeye won't appreciate that.  But we'll be back!  Will we be seeing you there?

Since Summer is Actually Ending Now

It's that time again, seasonal goals time.  You know, since the season of summer is actually ending in a couple of days - not when everyone acts like it did on September 1.  Anyway.  Back when it was spring I was dreading the goals recap post because I did so terribly.  I mean, I subsequently felt better reading other people's posts because everyone did terrible in the spring, but still.  I hate not meeting the goals I set for myself.  Important or not in the grand scheme of things, they're still things I wanted to accomplish so I get mad when I don't do it.  Because it's generally no one's fault but my own.  Summer goals, however, was a totally different story - thank goodness.

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