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The First 20 Done Off My 101 in 1001 List

Since my second 101 in 1001 list started in December of 2015, I have had yet to mention it again on the blog, even though I have been working on it.  I just crossed off the first 20 goals so I thought this was as good a time as any to post the first update.  I'm pretty much on pace - if you do that math on 101 goals 1001 days, it's about 3 goals per month.  Which means I should be at 21 but close enough!  I'll be checking off red, white, and blue jello shots this weekend anyway.  If you want to see the full list again, check here.  For just the update, keep reading:
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Three on Thursday

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites.  if you've missed any prior weeks and want to catch up, just check here.   

1. matt's cookies.  these damn things.  you have never had a softer, more lovely chocolate chip cookie in your life.  they are so good and addicting.  they're made here outside of chicago so I don't know how far they reach into stores across the country, but you can order them off the website if they aren't in your local grocery store.  they are worth every extra sit up you have to do, i tell you.  magic cookies.  have you had them?

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Flight 001

since planning for the alaska cruise, i've been on a hunt for all things travel related.  i never like to buy one use items (you know, since i don't travel much) but i knew i at least wanted a decent quart size bag to tote my liquids in through security.  the zip lock bags of me college years are not cutting it.  so last week, ida and i checked out the new pop up store in thewit hotel called flight 001.

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Pet Tip of the Month: Hot Asphalt Awareness and Summer Safety

every responsible dog owner knows not to leave their dog locked in a hot car, but that's not the only summer time danger to your furry best friend.  did you know what when it's 77 degrees out, the asphalt, in the sun, is 125 degrees?  wouldn't be so fun to walk on that with no shoes, huh?  so don't make your dog do it.  

just remember this - hold the back of your hand against the asphalt for 10 seconds and see if it hurts. if it's too hot for you, it's too hot for you dog and his sensitive paws.  talk him for a walk on the grass instead.

enjoy your summer!  safely.
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The LOL that Was Spring Goals

spring goals update in a quick summary: lol.

okay here's the long version of that update - remember i was all 'seasonal goals? yeah 3 months, i gots this, goalz'?  hahahaha i was hilarious.

"1. write and publish more posts.  ...  so in the next 3 months let's say... at least 40 posts."  i feel like this was the most hilarious fail of all, 40?  what was i thinking?!  would you like to know how many i actually posted?  go ahead and check in the sidebar - 19.  yup.

"2. get all things donated!"  not a fail at all, i donated tons.  the salvation army came and got furniture, clothes, kitchen stuff, just bags and bags of goodies.  it was awesome to get all that out before the moving process, it made things so much easier.  i actually have a small box going now for more donations, because i got all new towels and downsized a couple more things.  luckily the salvation army has a drop off literally on the other side of the fence behind our alley.

"3. pack and move!  lease is up at the end of april." done, of course!  since we're in our new house and all.  i actually did this twice because (including pet sitting time) i was at my parents for about a month before things were finally ready with the house.

"4. on a related note, take photos/video of all of that packing ^^^."  haha looking back, that was just adorable.  as if i'd really have time to photograph things while packing and moving?  no, no.  i'm just not that dedicated.  lots of you saw my updates on instagram when i decluttered and also right before i called salvation army for pick up.

"5. go to a street fest.  they get started end of may, so i should be able to make at least one before mid june."  i actually did get to this one, but just barely.  there were two before the one i actually attended that i usually attend each year, but i just didn't make them this year.  so we finally ended up going to maifest 2 or 3 weekends ago because it's all things german which john loves and it's close to our house.

so i really did accomplish 3 out of 5.  percentage-wise that looks okay, except for the fact that the two i didn't do were the hardest ones.  whoops.  okay summer.  summer will be better, si?

Life According to Steph1. have blog day with betsy and check off all 10 items on my to do list.  we have this scheduled for next saturday, so blog day will definitely happen.  we do this at least once a year but usually twice, either in person or virtually, where we get together and push each other to get tons of blog related things done in one day.  like post writing, social media, blog design, really anything.  i made a 10 item checklist and i will complete it.

2. get patio furniture.  this will depend on when this particular season ends according to the link up but assuming that i have all of august, i'd like to get patio furniture.  we currently have just the grill out there so i'd like to get a table and chairs set, which will all go on sale in august.

3. start a shopping ban/spending freeze.  i don't have all the details figured out yet, but perhaps a month long one?  perhaps just specific categories?  i plan on figuring this out and posting about it.

4. make red, white, and blue jello shots for the 4th.  not only is it on my 101 in 1001 list, i just really want to do it.  i keep saying i will but never do.  and come on, i made 1000 one new year's eve, how hard can say, 50, layered shots be?

5. enjoy my alaskan cruise!  well judging how spring goals went, i have to have at least one that i can check off, right?  we go the first week of august and i can't wait.

linking up with steph and sara.
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Beauties & Beaus at Hydrate, Because You Should Go Now More Than Ever

with naysha lopez, from ru paul's drag race!

chicago natives, chicago visitors, let me introduce you to something that you absolutely need to put on your bucket list.  the beauties & beaus show at hydrate bar and nightclub.

okay yes, the champagne is definitely why you should book the ladies vip package or girl's night out package.  because that table is glorious.  but it's so much more than that.

let's start at the beginning.  i was invited to attend the show and naturally picked a weekend when tara was in town.  and of course invited monica, because you can never have too many chicago bloggers at a show like this.  the show is held at hydrate, which i've been going to since i was 21, and i distinctly remember it at market days when my best friend sarah and i stumbled upon it the summer after high school (which, according to their website, was right when they first opened.)  because it was hot and hydrate had misters and waterfalls coming down from the open windows and i thought that was awesome.  been going ever since.  after i turned 21... yeah, totally.

the show is described on their website as this: "Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, girls’ night out or just wanna have some fun this weekend, head on over to Hydrate for an evening you won’t soon forget! Beauties & Beaus combines Chicago’s hottest male dancers with its best female impersonators to create an interactive show that keeps the crowd on its feet all night long! Don’t be surprised if you end up on stage, with the crowd cheering for YOU!"  true.  hence why tara is up on stage dancing with the regular show host, mz. ruff n stuff.

can we talk about those 6 inch heels, good lord.  how do you dance in that?  i have like 3 inch-ers and i want to die.

can you spot tara and i?  in our flats?

the show is great from beginning to end.  the host, as well as naysha lopez and mimi marks, performed songs from whitney to adele with costumes to match.  it was like a giant sing along in there, constantly pulling guests up on stage.  and of course having the male dancers is just a bonus that makes it like you're front row for magic mike.  i can't remember the name of the dancer who would come by our table, but he got a lot of our dollars, i tell ya.

i'll let the following photos speak for themselves.  this is from the final song performed, where our friend vince went up on stage and naysha and mz. ruff n stuff performed 'the boy is mine' (brandy and monica 90s jam!) and fought over him.  our entire table was practically in tears.

his face, though.

mimi marks!  please, give me a lesson in fake eyelashes.


you need to go.  you will have so much fun, i promise you won't stop laughing and cheering the entire time you're there.  and go on stage if you have the chance, especially if it's a special event for you.  there may or may not be free drinks involved.  can't argue with that.  you can reserve a table for just $10 a ticket, which is a steal.  and they have packages that include champagne, photos, vip seating, even belvedere bottle service for just $20 and $35 a piece.  what on earth are you waiting for?

and why i titled this post 'now more than ever'?  because it's one tiny way to show your support and stop being scared.  there's zero percent chance of what happened in orlando stopping me from hanging out in boystown with my gay friends and going to hydrate and seeing fun shows, and it particularly won't stop me from seeing beauties & beaus again later this summer.  i don't negotiate with terrorists.

if your religion tells you that hating someone or denying someone the same rights that you have based on their gender or sexual orientation is okay, you need a new religion.

buy your tickets, bring your dollar bills, send me an e-mail if you're going and i'll be there with you. and specifically, monica and i want to do this again this summer with some more blogger friends, so let me know if you want to be included on e-mails about that!

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