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Healthy Habit Hack: Fresh Salad for a Week+

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When it comes to making the whole 'vegan' and 'healthy' thing work, meal planning and prepping is a must.  I've mentioned before that I try to prep as much as possible on Sundays so that everything is set for the week, but the question that I get most often is about how I keep things fresh until the end of the week.  How am I eating for lunch on Friday what I prepped on Sunday?  I figured I could start by telling you about how I can make salad on Sunday and keep it fresh all week long.


As Told By John

John pulled his first 48 hour straight shift at the firehouse this past weekend.  I mean, on the plus side he had 3 days off in a row before and now has 3 days off after, but it was still a chunk of time to be away.  And I spent the whole weekend pet sitting my parents dogs, but even though wrangling 3 pups keeps you busy, we still found time in the days for a lot of texting.  I even found a 'boyfriend tag' on the internet so I decided to record his answers to some questions about me as a blog post, because why not on a Monday morning.  Wondering how well he knows me?  Read on:

Do I have any weird obsession(s)?  If so, what?
That's NOT weird, dude.  You're weird if you're not obsessed with her.  And for the record, he's just as obsessed so I don't know why he's calling me out!  As for what I think the answer would have been?  Nicolas Cage.  He definitely agreed when I told him that one.  He then also added "oh and that thing where you go in the makeup store and come out with your hand covered in colors but you don't buy anything."  It's Sephora, and it's called swatching, and it's not weird.


50 Free Things To Do in Chicago

Even though there's a lot to splurge on when it comes to city living, particularly things you'd rather not spend money on, I don't think entertainment in Chicago has to be expensive at all.  Personally, I'm all about the free stuff, which I can find year round.  Why spend money to enjoy experiences when you don't have to?  Whether you're a local or just visiting, we pulled together some of our very favorite things to do that are either totally free or at most just a couple of dollars that you're sure to love.


Three on Thursday

This post may contain affiliate links.  

Welcome back to Three on Thursday, my weekly even though I sometimes skip weeks list of things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks, you can find those here.

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