Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Night of 1000 Jello Shots

so i was going to be all productive last night, work on the post regarding the awesome giveaway from my november sponsors.  but i watched bones, gossip girl, and teen mom 2 instead.  and as much as i love you all... i love Baaabwa and Keefah and Jaaaneelllle more.  but tomorrow i promise i will love you more again, and the giveaway from my sponsors will be live! (gift cards, pampered chef, skin care products and more!)

but then it hit me that i might be out of saved posts.  remember i went to vegas and i freak out on plane rides and instead of napping i wrote like 25 blog posts to save up?  yeah... i think i've used quite a few.  and i couldn't just not write anything because then i'd have to do actual work and actual cleaning of my apartment instead of reading blogs and responding to comments, and that's certainly not happening.  so i got an idea when i e-mailed Tiffany about new years eve 2011.  or i guess 2012.  i don't know how that whole thing works.  new years eve 10.5 months ago.  since i didn't have a blog back then, i never got to share with you the awesomeness that was the Night of 1000 Jello Shots.

yep, you read that right.  myself and my awesome best friend Jeff made 1000 jello shots.  in about 20 different flavors.  they did, in fact, all fit in my fridge.  Jeff put his engineering degree from notre dame to use that day.  classy.

see?  1 and 1000.  yes, i labeled every. single. lid.  ocd much?

Tara and i couldn't figure out what we wanted to do for new years.  at the time my apartment faced navy pier so it had a great view of the fireworks show, and we decided to just have a party at my place.  but i can't just "have a party," it always has to be themed.  and the idea of 1000 jello shots was born.  partially from a deep love of jello shots, partially from a hilarious text we saw on texts from last night.  i bought massive amounts of jello and vodka and rum, and since Jeff was staying with me for a few days (he lived in cincinnati at the time) we spent a lot of quality time together mixing shots!

lots of people were invited, my parents came and made pretty much all the food and my dad did his first jello shot ever.  and then two more.  my mother took one look at the fridge and said "was this really necessary?" and the proceeded to have 5 jello shots and a bottle of champagne.  yes mom, totally necessary.

the party really started when (a) Tara and i changed out of the ridiculous fancy dresses and into our footie one-sies and (b) when we made everyone play drinking games with jello shots and champagne.

it ended with around 750 jello shots consumed (the rest to be saved for the rose bowl), 10+ people passed out around my apartment, and Tara and i the only ones awake til 5 am (video evidence to be shared soon), when a missing-since-12:30 Jeff strolled back in (turns out he napped in the stairwell.)  i'm not sure anyone at this party has had a jello shot since that night.  we're going to a bar this year.

happy new year!

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