February 17, 2013

well today is the very first monday of Leeann's new link up, Monday Morning Gossip!  and this saturday was BeadQuest - a bead collecting mardi gras themed bar crawl.  oh yes, another bar crawl.  i live for them, and for a good theme.  we did a fantastic job if i do say so myself.  made it the whole day, every bar, and got all 9 beads and then some.

Tara and i winning.  all 9 beads!

billy was winning too

now go link up with Leeann!


  1. I'm a huge fan of me time. Between MFD and my last serious boyfriend before him, I took like 6 or 7 years of me time with frivolous dating here and there. It was pretty awesome.

  2. That bar crawl looks like it was a blast! And yes, you totally need "me" time, as do I! This was my first single Vday in 6 years (with the same boyfriend) and it sucked, but my family and friends made it better than any Vday I spent with him!


  3. that looks like so much fun!! and i'm the complete opposite. i've never had a boyfriend on valentines day. sigh.

  4. I'm a serial monogamist too. Sometimes I look back an think girl you're dumb but I love the boy. Anyway...did you show bobbies for those beads?!? Looks like a good time!

  5. yay for bead quest!! that would be a good reason to move to the city for the bar crawls.... you look Amazing!! Valentine's is fake non holiday created by the Hallmark company for whatever reason. There's no point in it, other than to sell chocolate and I'm not bitter and I have had some wonderful Valentine's the past 7 years, but I don't believe in the "holiday"....never have. I had plenty of me time and encourage me time for everyone!! it's refreshing to get to know yourself and just date and have fun....I was definitely the wild, party/sorority girl during my many years as a single gal :)

  6. That looks like a really fun bar crawl! And good for you having some "me" time!

    Stopping by from Monday Morning Gossip...must say, you had me at "bourbon"! ;)

  7. BeadQuest looks like such a great time!! I wish we would've gotten to meet up when I was in Chicago and went to some bars. You'd be a fun drinking buddy! Heck come to SoCal and we'll head to Tiffany's (Polka Dotted Cats) in SD for drinking ;)

    Glad you had a great weekend. And you'll def get some you time in!

    Thanks so much for linking up!! I really appreciate it :)

  8. I haven't had a Valentines Day single in.....I can't remember when. But all of my vdays have sucked so its like being single.

  9. I love the Beadquest. I'm obsessed with it, in fact.

    And ME TIME (well YOU time) is perfect and just what you need. I think that it is one of the best things I ever did for myself.

  10. Aw glad you were able to celebrate V-Day single. It's a lot less stressful :)


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