The Nutty Side

i know, i know.  it's monday and everyone hates life today.  but it's monday evening now, so that makes it better.  at least we all survived one work day.  heck, you might even be reading this on a tuesday and now you're feeling much better, aren't you?

on occasion, i try not to hate mondays.  because tuesdays are worse, and that's a fact.  some of my surefire ways to get past the early-week blues include making other people do what i should be doing, and laughing at with my friends.  preferably in video form.

which is what i give you today.  i couldn't decide what to write a post about and in true monday fashion, i just really didn't want to do it.  sorry.  remember when i bought that new planner less than a week ago and vowed to have everything organized and get blog posts written ahead of time?  well i did all that.  and then i woke up.  so my awesome pal Betsy graciously decided to write a post for you.  when i asked her oh about 3 hours before it was going up.  because that's what happens when you talk on gchat all day, you have magical powers over each other.  but she wouldn't tell me what she was going to write about until she sent it to me.  and then i read this and saw these photos and just about died.  i'm still laughing.  so check this out - laughing at my friend and making her do work for me that i should be doing myself, all in one post.  win.


Hey everyone!!  I'm Betsy over at Musings of a Museum Fanatic!  If any of you have been followers of Stephanie (or mine for the matter) you know we're really good friends in real life.  Although I feel like it's been a month or something since we've actually even seen each other so there haven't been any nutty 'Stache show stories from us!  

Like usual on Mondays Stephanie and I are bored and unmotivated ... although I'm sure most everyone is like that on Mondays right?  Since we were feeling lazy Stephanie asked if I wanted to write her post for her.  I thought why not if I can come up with something fun.  

Now I realize that most of the time on Bourbon & Glitter and Musings of a Museum Fanatic I seem to be kinda laid back and chill (which I totally am) but I realize it really doesn't do my nutty side justice.  Plus some images and videos are just too good not to share.  Plus I know Stephanie thinks I'm a nut but I'm sure she doesn't know the extent haha!  So let me introduce you to my crazy side ... sometimes referred to by some as Drew Barrymore.
I frequently dress up sexily and play with my fan.  I also still enjoy dressing up.  

What is the point of having a hood and not wearing it?  Pretty sure you really aren't supposed to do that hee hee plus we also had to give them back after wah wah : (

I'm pretty sure this picture sums up my husband and my relationship to a T.  

I have about 50 photos of jumping off this couch from my years at Valpo.  This is by far the most epic ... which is fitting since it is at graduation.

   Just declaring my love you no big deal.  : )

SO I have a video of this craziness (which we can trace the start of my crazy to) but I nor my friends are able to locate it yet.  So you will just have to keep checking out Musings of a Museum Fanatic for when I find it.  

As promised a couple of my better videos : )
"When Doves Cry"

"Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy"

That’s just a little bit more about my nutty side.  I realized putting this together that lately I’m the one behind the camera being nutty so I need to get back out in front so I have more fun stuff to share with you! 


so yeah, go say thank you for sharing those photos and videos.  because that was some pretty awesome comic relief to my day.  and as you learned, Betsy and i are really good friends in life outside the blog world.  i can therefore attest to the fact that her husband's face looks like that most of the time and that Betsy is a really fantastic dancer, which is probably why i like them both so much.

i know she says her blog is more laid back, but it's still pretty fantastic and full of our adventures together.  so, it can't be all that laid be because we seem to attract drama.  that's not true, her husband's band attracts drama and we occasionally stroke the fire for entertainment.  if that's wrong, i don't want to be right.  go read it.  you're welcome.


  1. I am a total believer that Tuesdays are FAR worse than Mondays - at least at my office!

  2. She sounds so fun! Going now to check out her blog :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    The Hartungs Blog

  3. I need a sexy fan. Also, I HAVE to read Betsy more. I PROMISE.

  4. Tuesdays are the worst day of the week.

    Hilarious post Betsy!