Gin and Tonic Mini Cupcakes

what??  we decided gin is totally british and the spice girls probably drank tons of gin.  and we couldn't show up to a bar crawl without some cocktail cupcakes, right?

so 5 ingredient mini cupcakes were born!  yeah you read that right.  5.

remember how i told you cake mix + champagne = cupcakes?  well, really, cake mix + any fizzy drink is going to make cupcakes.

the cakes
white cake mix from a box + diet sprite.  cause these are low cal of course.  honestly, diet sprite is what i had and i wasn't about to run to the store for some tonic water.  it still counts.

the glaze
to really get a good gin and tonic taste, while the cupcakes are cooling poke a few holes into the tops.  mix 1 cup powdered sugar with 3 tablespoons gin and a touch of lime juice. (i suppose the lime juice makes it 6 ingredients, but i didn't use the lime juice because i don't like it.  tastes more like the drink if you do though.)  stir until it makes a glaze, like thin icing.  brush or pour over your mini cakes.

the frosting
when the cakes are completely cool, beat 1 stick softened unsalted butter and slowly add in 3.5 cups powdered sugar.  slowly mix in 3 to 4 tablespoons gin, until the frosting is the consistency you like.  more gin = thinner frosting.

frost and enjoy!  you could also do some lime zest on top but, again, i don't like lime and we did mini british flags instead.  really drive that theme home.


  1. Love those flags. I used them for the day drinking fest also known as the Royal Wedding Party that I hosted.

  2. Totally cute! You had me when you started talking about gin =)

  3. yet again, you're making my mouth water! I can't wait for the summer, I'm definitely going to make some alcohol cupcakes for a Lane party.

  4. These sound and look SO good! I love the little british flags! And I don't even drink hard liquor, but put douse my food in it and I am all over that mo fo!

  5. I love the flags on these!! So cute!

  6. I love cupcakes!

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  7. I'm so eager to try this!! Diet sprite? So going to try this!!

  8. Mmmm these look amazing!
    Newest follower :)