Team Spice Attack

March 5, 2013

Team Spice Attack rocked it out this weekend -  me, as Baby.  Tara as Ginger.  Kiernan as Scary.  Jeff as Posh.  Bill as Sporty.  do Tara and i have the best guy friends or what?  little black dress, leopard pants, wigs.  amazing.  we're already planning a halloween group costume involving Jeff as Daisy Duke.

this was all for the yearly Chiditarod.  you get a team of 5 together, commandeer a shopping cart, and go to town with the decorations and theme.  (spice world, obviously.)  you raise donations and non-perishable food items to be donated to a Chicago food bank.  then comes race day.  150 teams race their shopping carts through the streets of Chicago, from bar to bar, for a total of between 4 and 5 miles.  you can compete to win fastest time of course, or you can be like Team Spice Attack and attempt to get the coveted DFL trophy (Dead Fucking Last.)  you must stay at each bar, or checkpoint, for 25 minutes.  each bar has different competitions to join in on, like twister, bozo buckets, sumo wrestling, karaoke, sword fighting.  you can win all kinds of prizes for those too, as well as Best Sabotage, like removing the wheel of someone's cart, Best Team Spirit, Most Food Donated, Best Tweets, etc, etc.

and well, i'll just let the photos speak for themselves.  go check it out.  now that you know what it is.  and also check out the recipe for the gin and tonic mini cupcakes we made.  huge hit!!

i'm still recovering from racing the 7.5 miles that was the chiditarod and then going to florida the next morning.  so i apologize for the lack of words in my posts, but i think i more than make up for it with the photos.  kiernan is in leopard print pants.


  1. I thought I was looking at stills from Spice World for a second. Why doesn't Boston have kickass bar crawls like this? Not that I need more incentive to stumble from bar to bar...

  2. Ha ha that is awesome!! I wanna do something like that!

  3. This is the best post I've ever seen. Clearly we need to be friends.

  4. yes!!! how did you not email me that this post was up!! you look adorable as Baby spice!! Can I please have your awesome guy friends!!! this looked like fun!!

  5. I love these costumes! That's awesome.

  6. Leopard print pants donned in this fashion make up for everything.

    Love the entire idea of this event. Team Spice Attack rocked it.

  7. These pictures just keep getting better and better!

  8. Those photos are great!! Made me laugh :)

    Btw, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. (


  9. Seriously, how fun was that?!!! I'm telling you now, include me in your group next year and I'll make the flight out there. haha Hilarious!


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