New Link Up!!

Chelsee of Southern Beauty Guide and i are hosting a new weekly link up!  we are really excited to share this one with you.  it's going to be on thursdays, starting next thursday, april 18th.  ready for this one?  it's called

The Party Don't Start Til I Walk In

partying and ke$ha love, what can i say?  and Chelsee made an awesome button for it.  this link up is for pure fun and enjoyment.  just link up your party related posts, quite literally anything related to partying and having a good time!  some examples include:

pins of a cocktail hour you'd like to host
photos from your bridal shower
a polyvore outfit idea for a saturday night
your favorite drink recipe
your kid's first birthday
makeup tips for a night out
your go to party playlist
memories from college
tailgate tips and recipes

as you can see, endless possibilities!  the idea is to (a) just have a good time with it and (b) be able to get some usable ideas from other bloggers for some ways to kick back and enjoy life that you may not have thought of before.

so get ready for next week!!  we appreciate your support :)  and i'll have a prize (yes, ad space) for anyone who links up and also a bigger prize for one random winner.

and while you're doing that, enter this giveaway Chelsee is hosting for lots of ad space!  including from yours truly.

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  1. girrrrl, i got some HILARIOUS raving stories when i back in college and all whacked out on crazy rave drugs. i'm down for this linkup! what a great idea :)

    1. I cannot WAIT to hear about your stories, I'm so excited!!

  2. So pumped about the new link up! I just found a new cocktail I'm dying to try!!

  3. Ohh my goodness, I can't wait to read these link ups!

    And by the way - when I come visit you (and Hawkeye of course!) I fully expect you to teach me how to party fo' realz :)

  4. Oh how fun!! I can't wait for this link up!!

  5. That sounds like a great linkup - too bad my life is straight up BORING and I don't really know how to party. I agree with Kate. Sometime, we will roadtrip to Chicago, and you will teach us to party. :)

  6. Perfect timing since we're celebrating my birthday this weekend and next weekend! :)

  7. Fun!!! I would have so much more to talk about several years ago as my life involves almost no partying now, but I'm sure I have a few drink recipes up my sleeve. Can't wait to link up!

  8. SO EXCITED for this linkup! Great idea, ladies! Can't wait to join y'all lovely ladies! :)

  9. I like to read about everything :)

  10. BAHAHAHA I love you! and this is exactly why! I can get behind this kind of link up!!

    Can't wait!

  11. what a great idea for a link-up! woot woot!!

  12. GREAT idea, woot woot cant wait!

  13. Hot damn. I love it. I think I will do a recap of my Royal Wedding Shower Day Drinking Festival.

  14. well that's just a fan-freaking tastic idea!! i love it!

  15. Can I linkup about a pants party? I'm having a pants party. Do you want to come to my pants party?

  16. I LOVE IT!!!!!! B/C it's true...the party doesn't start until I walk in! Duh!!!!

  17. Like I told you on Twitter, LOVE this idea and I will definitely be linking up! ;)