Pros and Cons of Baseball Season

the cubs home opener was today.  anyone want to guess what happened?  if you guessed that they won, you would be wrong.  don't ever guess that the cubs won, you'll always be wrong.  (surprisingly, the cubs actually have a winning record, 492 more wins than losses.  i'm shocked too.)  it's days like these that have me remembering just how painful it is to be a cubs fan.

the pros and cons of baseball season in chicago (for a cubs fan)

pro: the location
the bleachers at and rooftops surrounding wrigley field are probably some of the most fun places you could ever end up at in your life.  sunshine, booze, other rowdy fans who are entirely mostly just there for said booze, cute outfielders, and the option to get a giant pile of nachos served to you in a blue baseball helmet.  and happy little kids whose souls haven't been crushed yet by:

con: the letdown
being a cubs fan.  28 years of loyalty has gotten me nothing but disappointment, a tolerance for smack talk from white sox fans, and an affinity for old style in a can.  those happy little kids have some painful years ahead of them.  this is probably why wrigley field is surrounded by at least 47 bars within walking distance. (walking distance in stephanie world being a mile or less.)

pro: the outfits
if i could always go out in tube socks, sneakers and t-shirts, i'd be the happiest person alive.  and you know how i love a theme.

con: the weather
seriously though, they build covered stadiums in texas and not chicago?  that makes sense...  at least baseball season isn't mountains of snow like bears games, but still. most days it's just too hot to enjoy yourself in the bleachers and the other days it's pouring rain and you just have to sit there and wait to see if it stops.  there's shockingly few perfect baseball weather days in this town.

at least it's always perfect weather in the bar though.  (this is Megan and i in the rain, outside the bar. seemed like a cute photo op at the time.)

pro: the players
with a few notable exceptions (i'm looking at you, carlos zambrano, and i hate you too), cubs players love being cubs players.  they're friendly, they're hilarious, they love the fans, they take losing in stride, and they are really, really attractive.  michael barrett, my personal favorite, would buy us pizza every time we ran into him at giordano's (which, fair enough, was all the time because he went there after every game and we may or may not have stalked him.  but when you punch out a sox player, i love you for life.)

"when i get angry i stop and think... what would michael barrett do?"

con:  the actual team
at the end of the day, the fact is this:  we cannot win.  we can blame a goat curse all we want but sometimes we need to admit the team just sucks.  5 states have joined the union since the cubs won the world series.  harry caray was born and died.  man landed on the moon.  at some point, fans just need to accept that it isn't going to happen again.

sigh.  at least i look good in blue and can shotgun old style tallboys in mere seconds.


  1. The baseball gear, A+, baseball in bad weather A-.

  2. My grandfather is a huge Cubs fan. I remember being little and after he farmed for the day he would come home and get in his recliner and turn on the game. No one was allowed to bother him. haha He had never been to Chicago and so for his 80th birthday, Wiki and I surprised him and my grandmother with tickets. Was awesome.

  3. I adore this post. And we have covered stadiums in Texas because it is 137 degrees out here in the summer!! I love the cubs. I love Wrigley. I'm so jealous of you right now!

  4. Ha ha girl we have to have covered stadiums here in Texas, it is hotter than HELL in the middle of summer in Houston with humidity to boot. And I feel ya on the disappointment.....I have been an Astros fan for 32 years and they bring nothing but disappointment.

  5. hahaha LOVE THIS!!!!
    I feel your pain on the the team being a disappointment.. I am a HUGE padres fan & once again we are looking at last place for the season!!!
    Happy Monday!

  6. lol my boyfriend is from a suburb southeast of Chicago and this post made me laugh. He's a sox fan, but he's told me all about the curse and even took me to Billy Goat's. Sorry for the rain, but maybe a miracle will happen someday? :)

  7. i don't follow sports at ALL but i had to google this michael fellow and he is indeed attractive. kind of reminds me of the actor james mardsen. now that you're single go pick this guy up!!

  8. gosh I love baseball, and this post! I never thought about it but that is so true about covered stadiums! What the is a comfortable temperature at like one baseball game a year in the midwest!

  9. this made my brain explode.
    you're lucky i love you.

  10. GO CARDS :)

    I still love you even though you are a cubs fan...and that is saying something!!!

  11. Being from Cleveland, I know how you feel! Cleveland sports have been the butt of many jokes, but we got the spirit!!! :o)

  12. I came here to say "I know what it feels like, Cleveland tends to suck at every sport" but looks like Melissa beat me to it hahah, GO INDIANS!! :)

  13. hahah. i feel the same about the Rockies! love the cute outfits (purple &silver!), Coors field complete with coors (obviously), cute players, and the "THIS will be our year" attitude :) lol.

    love baseball season!

  14. Ahhhhh! I headed to Wrigley this weekend for my first time and I will be your best friend if you feel like sending me any recommendations for good food for us to try. We are probably headed to the games on Friday & Sunday. I'm SOOOO excited. Also, I'm a MN Twins fan, so I get it.

  15. im a jays fan,
    enough said .. LOL GO JAYS GO!

  16. Oh, yeah, the goat curse... Good luck! I love the card about the pallbearers! Maybe this will be your year...

  17. BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!! We totally need to hook up for a Cubs/Royals match up!! Bonus - we will match in our blues!:)

  18. pros: hot dogs and day drinking are practically mandatory.
    cons: the sticky floor at the cubby bear is bound to get even stickier

    and you are working that blue, for sure!