5 Ways to Waste Time

i'll be honest with you, this week is already kicking my butt.  i know it's only been two days but work has been crazy and for some reason there's just a lot of other things on my to do list.  skipping today's post was happening.  it usually gets posted at 7 pm (chicago time) and Tara promptly asked me at 7:02 where my post was.  she was disappointed in my decision and decided to come up with a post for you so you wouldn't feel abandoned.  she cares.

take it away Tara.


Howdy all!

As law school draws to a close, I find myself with lots of nervous energy and time because I am actively avoiding school work and sleep is actively avoiding me.  Hours of random internet searching has taught me a lot interesting useless facts. Also some gems of the internet have been discovered. As a guest post I decided to share some of my favorite internet time wasters!

1 “I’m Feeling Lucky” button
For those of you who have never tried it this is an ADHD dream come true. Go to the Google search page. Instead of typing something in the search box and hitting the “Google Search” button, just hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on the right. You never know what you are going to get. (This may be hit or miss, but I can entertain myself for a couple of hours around 3-4 a.m. just by hitting this button over and over again)

2 Netflix
I know a lot of people love Netflix but seriously I watch it for hours every day at this point. Such classics as Stippers v. Werewolves as available at the click of a button! (But seriously I have seen Tucker and Dale v. Evil at least a dozen time cause it is my favorite movie on Netflix) If you haven’t checked out Metalocalypse, and The Tick you are missing out. Also suggests are always appreciated because I may have seen everything on Netflix….

3 Dog Shaming
This site is always being updated and is hilarious. Hawkeye feels no shame for any of her actions, so it always makes me giggle to see dogs pretending to be ashamed [we all know dogs don’t feel shame. Why should they? Such cuteness should never be ashamed. This is a rule I choose to live by ;) ]

I have tried to use tumblr as a blogging site (you may notice Steph tries to keep linking up to mine http://flutteraboutbabe.tumblr.com/, but I am so scatterbrained I keep forgetting to post), but I mostly like just viewing some of the great tumblr sites out there. Some of my favs, in no particular order are…  http://whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com/,

5  Happy Place 
      Last but not least… http://www.happyplace.com/
This site is dedicated to collections of things on the internet. Want the best Craigslist Roommate Ads all in one place? Check here. Want to see Creepy Easter Bunnies? Check here. Want to see the best facebook fails? Check here. It is also linked up to Someecards which are always funny. I like to send Steph random someecards for a random mid-day giggle sometimes J

And there you have some of my favorite interest time wasters. May they give you at least a few minutes of enjoyment!


and 6, making last minute guest posts for your LLBFF's blog.  thanks for the save Tara, i don't know what my readers would have done without you.  (sorry i couldn't make your photos work, i'll possibly figure it out later.)

now, thank Tara for all the time you waste today.


  1. Now I definitely want to go check out that last website!

  2. Haven't heard of Happy Place (going to check it out right now), but those others are pretty golden. Especially after midnight.

  3. Haha I love this! Except....this was a dangerous post to read at 4am when I can't sleep so now I have some wonderful resources to keep me uncessarliy awake even longer than I should! Can't wait to check out the last one though :)

  4. Happy place, I didn't know about it. I'm all in.

  5. Happy Place is one of my faves! Their tweet collections are the highlight of my day.

  6. dogshaming is the best site! i also love dyac.com

  7. dog shamming is absolutely hilarious! I've never heard of happy place.. I'll have to check it out.

  8. shut.the.front.door.
    internet wasting tips are like THE last thing i need but then also something super useful. so THANK YOU. except my workload doesn't thank you, tara.