Survey Says...

i've been discussing some things lately with some friends and we seem to be falling on opposites sides of the (very serious) issues.  now it's time for you to weigh in.  so survey says....

doritos tacos - nacho cheese or cool ranch?

lingerie - sexy, fun, a good effort to make or waste of money, just ends up on the floor?

paleo eating and training - healthy and how humans are naturally made to survive or why are you trying to train yourself to survive a saber tooth tiger attack?

dark paint on walls - modern or morbid?

netflix - dvd by mail or instant watch?

justin timberlake - still rocking or go away?

homemade cookies - chocolate chip or peanut butter?

one glittered or different nail - cute statement or getting old?

mac makeup - better than the rest or waste of money?

bloglovin - better or worse than google reader?

what do you say?


  1. Nacho cheese, for sure! And I like the idea of lingerie but really it's only a pain. And paleo seems more like the second than the first! I love dark paint on walls and only use instant watch Netflix (mostly because I can't afford both services!) justin Timberlake is cool but I prefer him as an actor these days. And I love peanut butter cookies (and all cookies. Because cookies are cookies.) and statement nails. And MAC makeup doesn't compare I Clinique in my eyes. But Bloglovin' trumps Google Reader!

    Love your questions! xx, Paige

  2. COOL RANCH!! and yay for JT. Chocolate chip. No on Paleo.. ehhh depends on if it's a special occasion for lingerie :)

    1. Yes to the chocolate chip, but no way, nacho cheese forever!

  3. The answer is always yes to JT and chocolate chip cookies. No to Mac, Paleo, and the thought of doritos tacos gross me out altogether but I feel like I need to try one just to see what I'm missing.

  4. nacho cheese!! lingerie can be fun, depending on what you buy...anything you're not comfortable in and wouldn't wear to bear on your own is a waste. Paleo is a no!! I think it's a "fad" diet like Atkins's good in theory and works for some, but too much of a hassle for the majority to keep up with. dark paint is meh...depending on the color and the room. Netflix by mail..I'm kinda old fashioned and I freak miss Blockbuster!! Justin Timberlake is always a yay!! I miss his old music style thou. And accent nails are fun and here to stay!!

  5. nacho cheese.
    pretty, but a waste of time for the most part.
    still on the fence about paleo, but i'm thinking it's a fad that will go away.
    not a fan of dark paint.
    instant netflix, or even better yet - hulu.
    jt is amazeballs now but his old stuff is lame. suit and tie + mirrors, yes PLEASE!
    i'll take peanut butter chocolate chip. and add some oatmeal for good measure.
    single nail is getting old but maybe it's just not for me...?
    mac is a
    bloglovin' is where it's at!


  6. Ha! I love this!

    1. Nacho cheese (but only the cool ranch are gluten-free)
    2. Sexy/Fun (but maybe because I'm almost a newlywed!)
    3. Eh - not as great as people think it is
    4. LOVE dark paint!
    5. No opinion on netflix because I don't have it :/
    6. JT is great. Nuff said.
    7. Chocolate chip will win FOREVER
    8. Single nail is getting old
    9. I've never been a big fan of MAC. I'd choose several other brands over it
    10. Google Reader is the best! I'm going to miss it when it's gone :(

  7. 1. I haven't been to Taco Bell in a LONGGGG time.
    2. Don't matter. We just strip and get to business. haha.
    3. Paleo? What's Paleo? I'm all about carbs.
    4. I would love to have dark painted room.
    5. I have both services... but maybe instant streaming
    6. JT still hawt.
    8. I don't paint my nails. I'm a nurse so I werk with my hands all the time. A chipped nail drives me nuts.
    9. MAC for my face powder... ok eye liner too
    10. I like bloglovin. Easy peasy.

  8. No to Paleo, one glittered nail is getting old, JT4E, and chocolate chip! No strong opinion on any of the others. What about you?

  9. 1. Haven't tried either Doritos taco, yet.
    2. Lingerie is fun but I'd rather spend money on something else.
    3. No thanks Paleo.
    4. I think dark paint on walls can look great but it's not the look for my house - way too small with no natural light. It would like a cave.
    5. Netflix - instant watch, I need it now!
    6. Love me some JT.
    7. PB cookies, even better with a Hershey Kiss pressed in the center.
    8. Statement nail is fun.
    9. Never bought MAC - more addicted to Bare Escentuals.
    10. I'm still on the fence with BlogLovin'. I loved Google Reader so much, it was just so easy to use but it's alright just gotta remember to go to it.

  10. 1. I love the nacho cheese tacos. I have no desire to try the ranch ones.
    2. I enjoy having some sexy lingerie, but I'd much rather buy clothes, shoes and handbags.
    3. I'm lazy.
    4. I'm not a fan of dark paint.
    5. instant watch
    6. I'm in Memphis. JT is the shit.
    7. chocolate chip, but PB's good too
    8. I'm all about the chevron accent nail.
    9. never used MAC
    10. Love Bloglovin'!

    I'm here from Hand in Hand's blog. :)

  11. i'm hoping you post official results of this thing soon. haha!

  12. 1. nacho cheese. i hate ranch.
    2. great for an occasional special night, but for the most part waste of money. just stick to cute bras and panties.
    3. respect it, but no thanks.
    4. love dark paint.
    5. instant def.
    6. jt forever.
    7. chocolate chip.
    8. love the statement nail!
    9. i hear good things, but never tried mac.
    10. love bloglovin.

  13. Can't i have chocolate chip peanut butter?

  14. 1. Cool Ranch, obviously. No contest.
    2. Unnecessary because nobody sees mine except for me right now.
    3. Hell to the no Paleo. I like carbs.
    4. No strong opinion either way on dark paint.
    5. Instant watch. So much better.
    6. JT is still rocking. Hard.
    7. Chocolate chip peanut butter. Mix them.
    8. Statement nail is iffy. I just don't paint them.
    9. MAC is one of the upscale makeup brands I've never tried... No idea!
    10. I really actually do like Bloglovin!

  15. doritos tacos - Still need to try!!! I am the worst!

    lingerie - sexy, fun, a good effort to make AND just ends up on the floor

    paleo eating and training - theory it's good

    dark paint on walls - modern

    netflix -instant watch

    justin timberlake - still rocking

    homemade cookies - chocolate chip peanut butter combo...why choose?

    one glittered or different nail -getting old...getting so old!

    mac makeup - waste of money

    bloglovin - I suck at both

  16. Doritos tacos - never tried them, never will
    Lingerie - Like the idea, but won't spend the money
    Paleo - not for me
    Dark paint - LOVE IT!
    Netflix - don't have it
    JT - LOVE! IMO, best triple/quad./etc. threat out there!
    Cookies - love CC, but peanut butter are best homemade :)
    Nails - getting old, but then again I never paint my finger nails
    Mac - like, but I have found cheaper products that are just as good
    Bloglovin - not a big fan of it :(

  17. I haven't tried the cool ranch yet.
    dvds in the mail.. the instant streaming doesn't have ALL the movie options.
    JT is amazing.
    I love peanut butter cookies, but I gotta go with chocchip for homemade.
    the nails have been old and can stop.
    I like bloglovin.

  18. nahco cheese. lingerie on the floor. if you have a statement, don't make it with your nail. boom. done.

    1. Hahaha solid answer Autumn. Solid. I especially like your take on the statement nail!

  19. It's Monday AM and you just asked WAY too many questions. I will say that I love Justin Timberlake and if one of my nails is painted different, it was an accident.

  20. Hmmmm. I haven't had the tacos, so I can't say. I have to say I do like lingerie, even though it seems like a waste of money in some ways. I think I mostly like owning it - it makes me feel like we have some sort of secret! I'm totally done with waiting for DVDs in the mail because my mailman usually comes after dark and I really wish GFC weren't getting the axe! I've had so many problems with my Bloglovin feed and it still won't show my pictures =(


  21. doritos tacos - nacho cheese

    lingerie - just ends up on the floor

    paleo eating and training - why are you trying to train yourself to survive a saber tooth tiger attack

    dark paint on walls - it depends on the color and the light in the room

    netflix - instant watch

    justin timberlake - go to movie screens only

    homemade cookies - chocolate chip

    one glittered or different nail - cute statement

    mac makeup - lipstick/gloss is far superior to all others

    bloglovin - worse than google reader

  22. Paleo - wtf!? I thought I could try it and lasted one day. ha!
    JT can stay for-eeeevveeerr in my opinion!

  23. Do you have my house bugged? A few topics are on my to blog about soon list. Lets just say you will be reading about a weird conversation I had in the Taco Bell drive through soon.
    doritos tacos - nacho cheese

    lingerie- Sexy, Even if no one sees it. You know you have it on and it will make you feel sexy...besides I have a motto Mistresses don't wear Granny Panties (don't be surprised when you see that blogged too)

    paleo eating and training- I'm way to lazy for this

    dark paint on walls- depends on lighting, and what you consider dark. I like paint on the darker side than pale. My mom only wanted to paint things off white when I was growing up. Now I'm phobic of white walls.

    netflix - instant watch

    justin timberlake- eh I'm bored of him, but he is kinda hot.

    homemade cookies- both I can't chose

    one glittered or different nail- I'm over the one different.

    mac makeup - its ok

    bloglovin - I check bloglovin about once a week and thats usually when I am somewhere bored and use the app on my phone.

  24. chocolate chip cookies! That's all I care about!

  25. Doritos Locos were both a letdown. Lingerie is cool and all if it it is comfortable enough to put back on (nothing is worse then ditching it for a t-shirt and sweats). Netflix instant is amazeballs and gets me through my TV rerun addiction. And homemade cookies should be chocolate chip peanut butter with oatmeal. Yum.
    They Call Me Gypsy Queen

  26. 1. Nacho cheese, hands down! No competition
    2. I'd say both fun and a waste. I'm not in shape to wear it at the moment, but if I were, I'd totally probably wear it every now and then for my hubs, just for the fun of it.
    3. I honestly don't even fully know what paleo is... lol so I'd say between these two, training/working out. I like to be able to eat whatever my heart, err stomach, desires. lol
    4. Modern or morbid, whichever, sign me up! I have a love for older gothic style anyways. Black/deep royal blue/deep purple/deep crimson red walls with a damask pattern (or just plain)? Yes, please!
    5. Even though I'm still a DVD buyer/ redbox renter. Netflix instant watch is great.
    6. justin timberlake, i like him still. Love and respect that he's still doing music and staying true to what got him where he is...even though technically it was the Mickey Mouse Club that got him started which made my comment kind of untrue. lol
    7. we'll just go ahead and say both to this.
    8. one glittered or different nail - cute statement. Depending on how it's done.
    9. mac makeup..never used it. Overrated.
    10. bloglovin, right now, to me is worse. Only cause I haven't taken the time to really familiarize myself with it, so Google Reader is my choice. Guess I should start using bloglovin' eventually though.

  27. I can't believe you even have to ask about my man JT. He is STILL en fuego and will be forever evah.

  28. Cool Ranch, hands down.
    JT, yes please!
    Dark walls - modern.
    Choc chip cookies.
    1 glittered nail is cute in my books.
    Bloglovin' - YES!

  29. you go!

    doritos tacos - nacho cheese or cool ranch? NACHO CHEESE
    lingerie - sexy, fun, a good effort to make or waste of money, just ends up on the floor? WORTH IT..EVEN IF IT ENDS UP ON THE FLOOR!
    dark paint on walls - modern or morbid? MODERN
    netflix - dvd by mail or instant watch? WATCH INSTANT
    justin timberlake - still rocking or go away?STILL ROCKING..yes plz
    homemade cookies - chocolate chip or peanut butter?CHOCOLATE CHIP..duh
    one glittered or different nail - cute statement or getting old?CUTE STATEMENT at the moment..ask again tomorrow
    mac makeup - better than the rest or waste of money?WELL MOSTLY BETTER THAN THE REST..some of their products are not worth it
    bloglovin - better or worse than google reader?WORSE..I HATE IT!

  30. wow thats quite a are my thoughts:

    nacho cheese, JT rocks, lingerie ok now and again, dark paint ok on one wall, glittery nails very nice..who doesnt like a bit of sparkle?

  31. 1. Cool Ranch was WAY better than nacho cheese.
    2. Love it, but haven't worn it in forever.
    3. I'm not into Paleo, but I get some of the concepts.
    4. Depends how walls in my bedroom are a cappuccino color, and I have a burnt orange duvet. Sounds weird but I like it!
    5. I don't do Netflix...but I would probably do instant.
    6. JT = YUP! Still love him.
    7. CHOCOLATE CHIP! Or I've been way into oatmeal raisin lately, love the cinnamon in it!
    8. I still dig it...but I'm always behind the trends!
    9. The only expensive makeup I buy right now is my mascara.
    10. I kinda miss using Reader. Bloglovin has been a little bugg-y lately.


  32. Lol I love you and your randomness! I'd like to call myself a middle of the road type of person because I see the perks of each of these "battles". Well, except the cookies. I'm all about the chocolate chips ;)

  33. Hello, the original is always the best, so nacho cheese it is! I've not even tried the cool ranch because I'm that loyal. True story. Paleo is for people who like to make themselves suffer. I'm not into that, nacho cheese taco any day please. And I'll eat that taco while surfing my google reader because I'm not a fan of bloglovin'. Just can't do it.

  34. doritos tacos - Nacho cheese! I had the cool ranch ones tonight and while they were delicious, I would vote nacho as my fave.

    lingerie - definitely sexy & fun!

    paleo eating and training - ridiculous.

    dark paint on walls - morbid

    netflix - instant. though I don't have it anymore because I just watch shows onDemand.

    justin timberlake - definitely still rocking. and hottttt.

    homemade cookies - chocolate chip!

    one glittered or different nail - still a cute statement!

    mac makeup - better. worth the money.

    bloglovin - worse than google reader. I'm forcing myself to use it and get used to it, but I can't even begin to list the ways google reader is better.

  35. A MAC studio fix compact lasts me 3 to 5 months. So TOTALLY worth it!

    If you want something more similar to google reader, try feedly! I never even looked at bloglovin. It was just a silly bandwagon thing. Feedly imported all of my feeds and then I was able to organize them into different groups (news, daily reads, etc.).