A Goals Update Monthly Link Up

so you saw my 101 in 1001 list, right?  completing 101 tasks in 1001 days averages out to about 1 task every 10 days.  sure some are easier goals to accomplish, but some are harder and take some planning and finances, and i don't want to be left with 20 difficult things left to complete with only weeks left in my time frame!  especially since i always have momentum at the beginning of a project that slowly dies out as time goes on - and i don't want that to happen here.  i worked pretty hard at making my list true to me.  it's all things i really want to accomplish, rather than things i wouldn't be so upset about not finishing in time, so i want to do everything in my power to ensure that i get my goals done.

i decided to post about my progress once a month.  this way i keep myself accountable by recounting the steps i took during the month to complete or work on my goals, hopefully crossing off quite a few in the process!  and by posting it on the blog, i can get encouragement from my fab readers, because who doesn't love a 'go girl, you finished 7 things this month? rock on!' type of comment?!  since i like that kind of encouragement, i figured some of you may as well.  i know quite a few people with 101 in 1001 lists, as well as 30 before 30 lists, 2013 lists, general bucket lists, and more.  naturally a link up would be a great way to show off what you've been doing over the month, get the support you need to keep working, and maybe even find a blogger who has a similar goal that you can complete together!  not to mention "host a link up about goals progress" is one of the things on my 101 list...

since updates on my goals isn't so much in line with what this blog is usually about, it's logical that i post about it on an off day, like saturday.  so that's when the link up will be live, the last saturday of every month and it'll be open for about a week.  link up your update posts any time!  i'll have lots of reminders when the date is almost upon us, don't worry.

eventually there will be a name and maybe even a button for the link up.  betsy is going to be my co-host since she has a 101 in 1001 list of her own.  i put her on name duty, because i'm not creative at all.  (feel free to share any ideas you have!)

obviously, since my list starts next thursday, i'll be linking up my first progress post the last saturday in july.  but to kick things off, i decided to just start it today any way.  if you have a progress post already, link it up! if not, feel free to just link up your general list, i'd love to see what you're working on or plan on working on!


  1. Oh wow! I don't know if I could think of 101 goals!! I will be interested to see what everyone comes up with though!

  2. I really like your 101 in 1001 list - but I'm not sure I could come up with that many things! It just sounds so daunting!!!