I'm Surprised They Lived This Long

June 23, 2013

ok first of all, as a follow up to friday, our horse won her race!!  and tara came in for the weekend and made it in time to see the race.  

now that that's out of the way, i'd like to get to the real point of this post.  jennerjohn weekend, or 'photographic evidence of the reasons why i'm shocked this brother/sister duo has survived to twenty something years of age.'

as you might remember, my llbff tara moved back to iowa to study for the bar exam.  but she came in this weekend for tour de franzia.  (which i shall recap in it's entirety, including wonderful tricycle racing photos, on thursday for the weekly 'the party don't start til i walk in' link up.)  we had fun, to say the least.  

and not only did tara spend the weekend with me, so did her little brother david.  you can call him tlb (tara's little brother), everyone else does.  at least, they do now.

 'a coconut bra and a box of pink wine?  don't mind of i do!'

i realized i could not contain all the photos i have to just one tour de franzia post.  and it's almost entirely because i had too many tara/david moments that needed to be shared.  it's not surprising they survived the weekend, because i knew they could drink.  i'm surprised they survived life this long.  all weekend i heard amazing near-death and sheer stupidity stories from their childhood (and let's be honest, from last week), and i'm truly shocked they've both made it successfully to their late 20s.  amazed, actually.

did you know there's (at least) 12 flavors of franzia?

the ultimate in sibling bonding

 i think everyone had a happy jennerjohn weekend.


  1. All I saw was BOOBS galore!!!

  2. Ah looks like you enjoyed some lovely cardboardeaux ! (have you seen that pin on Pinterest ? ) we brought Franzia sans box on our last float trip, we made everyone 'slap the bag' before they got a drink poured in their mouth. My parents thought it was hilarious. Ha!

  3. What good time!! 12 flavors...I need to get started now. I could have them all done by the end if the week and do a review post. Hmmmm....

  4. Congrats on your horse again!! and HOLY BOOBS in the bathroom selfie...I request you pack that tricycle when you visit CA...I will provide the pool and some boxes of wine ;)

  5. Haha this looks like stuff my siblings and I would do!

  6. this is incredible. I want to hang out with all of you and/or possible become a member of the tara family.

  7. um this looks amazing. and I love franzia.. nothing better than chill-able red. I have it in my fridge as we speak! :)

  8. I wish my sibling would party with me.....or maybe I don't. Greg has one that is cool and one that is so stuffy it is pathetic.

  9. I wanna hang outtttttttt. UGH I'm coming to chi-town like NOW

  10. I am impressed and intimidated by the Franzia pyramid.

    Those siblings are no joke.

  11. Omg! I want to be bff's with Tara, TLB, and of course you!

    This looks like such an insane time!

    Also...So excited about your horse!!

  12. It was awesome, I made it over halfway through my cups from each box be proud! Also I take awesome photos, I can't wait to see how the rest came out!!! :)

  13. Looks like you had a great fun! Tara and you both looks cute together, Love her hat. OMG! That pink ride was amazing!


  14. umm hi. your boobs look fantastic in that one picture.


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