101 in 1001 Monthly Progress Report {Link Up}

the first day of the link up!  thanks for participating, betsy and i are excited to see what you're working on.  (and one of the things on my list is to make another 101 list when this one is almost done, so mostly... this is a a way for me to use your ideas...)

well here's my update for the month - as i've mentioned, 101 things in 1001 days is about 1 item every 10 days.  which means at least 3 per month.  well i'm happy to report huge success this month!  something about that 'getting started' momentum, i think.  the ones in bold are finished, the ones in italics i began working on!  so yes, this is 20 things i got done in the first month.  not just 3.  twenty.  i'm glad, because i know every month won't be this easy (especially when i start on those expensive travel and paying off debt goals.)

see the complete list here if you want.

get my apartment and possessions 100% organized - done, a big one.  i was pretty close to organized when i started but i needed the extra push to just finish all those little details.  now i know everything that's in my apartment and where it is, and everything is set up in a way that makes it easy for me to keep it organized.  how many people can say that - 100% organized.  jealous?
organize my itunes music and make playlists
make sure everything currently in my apartment fits my personal style - i tossed a lot of too college-y crap
organize all of my photos on iphoto and back them up multiple places

get the apartment on a realistic cleaning schedule

downsize her toys and figure out how to keep her things neater - she's terrible. every time i took a toy out that she never plays with, she'd grab it and run to the other room.  she's a hoarder, and also hates to share.  

party    (19-27)
learn a new drinking game - learned about 5 new drinking games!
find favorite red and white wines - went wine tasting on the 4th, and found a lot of new favorites, particularly ones that are cheap and easy to locate.  apothic, sequin, acrobat and cupcake!
make every drink on my cocktail hour pinterest board (3/24) - 1, 2, and 3

read all the e-books on my amazon wish list
watch all the seasons of a show i've never seen - supernatural, 30 rock, and game of thrones.
read an entire book in one day - i read.  i've been reading.  be proud!
research donating bone marrow, and maybe sign up to donate - done!  i learned that i'm able to donate (wasn't sure) and what the process entails, and then sent in my cheek swab kit.
watch 101 popular movies/movies i've been meaning to see (3/101)
read 101 books (e-books count) (39/101)

find a signature fragrance - i chose jewel by mark and i love it.
find a really perfect cross body bag - i realized the search was silly because i have 20 purses i already love, so i just ordered matching cross body straps on etsy instead!
find a signature style/brand of jeans - i have multiple now. first my 'cheaper' brand is definitely the american eagle skinny kick.  i also went to a place in chicago called blues jean bar, and they fit you for a ton of higher end brands. i love the paige line, specifically the skyline.  insane price different from ae, obviously.  the paige ones i can tell would last forever and hold their shape, it's a heavier and more well made material.  maybe i'll request them for my birthday, but until then, ae wins!
get everything for a well-stocked home bar and maintain it - see thursday's post!

finally get my silver jewelry cleaned - i thought this was going to be harder, as in, taking everything back to tiffany's and having them clean it.  turns out, you can just rub toothpaste on it and boom.  good as new.
learn new relaxation tips that work for me - not as good as prozac of course, but still, they're working.
make my own mini happiness project - i'll do a more in depth post about this.  see friday's post for how i got started!

start and maintain a complete address book and birthday list

just for fun   
play trivia at a bar - went to a place called butch mcguire's with megan.  we sucked, but i think it's because it was a lot of all-star game trivia.  we're going to try again though, it was fun!

host a 'bucket list progress' link-up at least once - well hey, that's why you're here now, isn't it?
try some of the ideas on 31 days to a better blog - i did quite a few.  some were spot on and good ideas, others just didn't apply to me.  glad i tried them though!

the list  
save my change for 1001 days - got a cute change jar so i'll be working on this from here on out.



  1. I am so impressed! Do you have time to sleep? :)

  2. Great job! Can you link me to the etsy shop for the purse straps ?

  3. GIRL! I'm so proud of you! Great job!! Seriously, you kicked ASS this month! It sounds like SO MUCH FUN too which is what I love. By the way, can you come to Atlanta and help me get some of this stuff done...mainly organize my messy apartment/closet/life AND cross some stuff off my party list?! K, great thanks! :) I still need to get my ass in gear and make my list...hmmm maybe this week!

  4. wow, you did awesome this month! i've been in this house for over 6yrs and still haven't fully organized my closet!

    1. I love organizing, I wish more people would let me organize their houses. It's fun!!

  5. HELL YEAH, look at you GO! haha.
    Love your honesty about stealing others ideas, because, well...I'll probably do the same! ;)
    That taco casserole looks like it would be ahhhmazing.
    This is awesome! Keep it up! :)

  6. 30 Rock is SO FREAKIN' GOOD. I'm so impressed with this list. Seriously. And your progress crossing stuff off of it. I'm tempted to make one myself... But 101 things sounds overwhelming, not just to list but to do!

  7. Wow your items checked off are so impressive! Love all the organizational stuff. Popsicle champagne cocktails?! I'm checking that out soon!

  8. You are ROCKING this list, Steph! Holy crap :)

  9. I'm jealous. I did manage to eek some out at the end.

  10. I'm obsessed with the ae skinnies too! Cheap and accessible, done and done. You are making so much great progress, good job! I like that your goals aren't all "change the world and go on elaborate vacations"!! In college I dated a door guy at butch mcguire's....got sweet perks like no cover on Saturdays!

  11. Seriously do you sleep?? I'm proud of you and your 20 accomplished things!! You're encouraging me. Which, if somebody is encouraging me to do something other than lay on the couch with a beer and tv, you're doing something amazing!!

  12. for the love of all that's holy get started on game of thrones so we can discuss.

  13. omg i LOVE Jewel by Mark as well.... i have been wearing it for years now.... so overlooked, cause it is AH-MAZING!!

  14. WOW! That puts my list completion to shame....congrats on the amazing progress!!

  15. I just bought my first pair of Paige denim and I'm in LOVE! The price tag was steep but the way my a$$ looks in them is sooooo worth it ;-)