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I'm Not Even Embarrassed Though

i apologize for the short and sweet post, but my schedule is a bit thrown off.  my dad had to be admitted to the hospital - not to worry, he's ok now!  but obviously i had some other things going on that prevented the writing of posts.

i couldn't just leave you hanging with no brand new content though, now could i?!  so have no fear, you can still read today about the 5 embarrassing things i did as a child.

here's a hint - ate dog bones?  check.

to be perfectly honest though, i'm not really all that embarrassed... cause i was still pretty awesome.


  1. I'm glad your dad is ok!!

    I always thought about eating the dog treats but never did. But I did eat a macaroni as cheese crayon to see if it tasted like Mac and cheese. It didn't. -.- liars

  2. I'm glad that your dad is okay now! I've been in a similar situation where my dad had to be admitted to the hospital. It's a scary thing! Love the post about the embarassing things you did as a kid. I wouldn't wear the retainer after that either! haha

  3. i'm glad you're dad is ok!! still can't get my fingers to type out a post...oh yours!!

  4. Glad your dad is ok! I have no excuse for not posting other than my brain barely works this past week.

  5. glad your father is ok! it's scary when our parents aren't well.

    1. Thank you! luckily it turned out to be something that was an easy fix!!

  6. happy to hear things are ok :)

  7. I told my mom that my grandma made me eat cat food.

  8. Hope your pops is ok! Loving you! Xoxo

  9. EEEEEK! daddio better be allright!

  10. Hope your dad's health continues to be better!


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