Stocking a Bar Cart

July 24, 2013

one of the things on my 101 in 1001 list is to stock and maintain my home bar cart.  you may remember that i have the cart pictured here.  i did a good job of cleaning it out and now i need to stock it with cute things.  this was the best list i found so far:

i already ordered adorable straws and picks.  there's not a whole lot of color in my apartment, but i like it that way.  generally everything is neutrals and gold.  black and gold, iowa colors ;)  so here's how it's coming along so far:

the canvas print is from a photo my best friend meredith took at my law school graduation.  she also bought me those shot glasses.  the straws and picks i found on etsy, the tray is from target.  the candle holder is from crate and barrel although i'm torn on keeping it.  i never light it because i use my scentsy but i still think it looks pretty.  thoughts?

i'm pretty set on glassware and most other utensils and tools (though i do need a pretty cocktail shaker!) so now it's on to the most important and of course most fun part - stocking the alcohol.

what do you recommend?  any favorite brands, favorite drinks?  i'd like to keep it stocked with the ingredients to make a bunch of different cocktails, so what's your go-to drink?


  1. I would like to recommend...bourbon;) perhaps bookers specifically. haha I love your bar area, the colors are a great pop. Makes me want to come over for a drink!

  2. I could use this list. I'm pretty ok on most things. But its nice to have a list. It has been pointed out more than once that my shot glass collection needs a shelf all its own.

  3. I love the cart!! So cute!!! Such a cute idea!!!!

  4. This is a great idea. I love how you found that list. Can't wait to get my own bar cart started.

    xo. Kailagh

  5. it looks awesome!! I recommend rain vodka cuz it's organic so it is good for you :)

  6. I'd say you have to have a good vodka, such as kettle one, a good gin, I like Hendricks, something dark like a good Kentucky bourbon! Then some mixers, I always keep bitters, grenadine, lime juice and vermouth on hand as well as one or two flavored liquors like chambord and grand mariner!
    It's looking so cute!'
    Kallie But First, Coffee or But First, Coffee on Bloglovin

  7. In love this..gosh your posts are always so educational lol

  8. Loving the straws...and I am a Crown Royal girl. I don't play. Crown and 7 please :)

    On occasion I will have a Malibu and Cranberry juice when I want a pretty drink.

  9. Oooo I love that! I'm already trying to figure out where I can put a bar cart in mine and Christian's new apartment!

  10. Love the name of your blog and those straws are gorge. Passing this along to a friend who has a fun lucite bar cart. Fun blog. Following via Bloglovin.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

    1. Thank you Ali! I hope she finds it helpful! I love the lucite carts, they look so chic. I want one if I ever decide to re-decorate.

  11. this is so awesome. i keep telling manfriend i want to do one of these! thanks!

  12. I want a bar cart. With lots of booze.

  13. Keep the candle thing and light the candles! And tell the drunks to keep their sleeves out of the way of the candles.

    My bar must always contain vodker (Three Olives), Jacquin's Blackberry Brandy (to put in hot tea, iced tea, or chilled as a shot), Captain Morgan, tequila, club soda. Wine and beer kept separately.

  14. I need to do this!! It's so necessary.

  15. Hi I am here from Kristine's blog, and yeah you are hilarious! I will definitely be following along.

  16. That list covers all of the important aspects, great find!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  17. ok. have a bar cart.
    first order of business is to keep booze around long enough for it to be a legit bar cart.


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