A to Z of Annoyances: A is for Apartment Hunting

August 06, 2013

nothing like the start of a new series to get back into the blogging swing of things after taking the time off for the name change.  yes, in case you haven't noticed, it's not longer bourbon and glitter around here, it's not entirely perfect.  a big change, yes, but a good one.  i hope you like it as much as i do (and stick it out while the last few tweaks, like the blogger dashboard updating, get worked out.  and maybe writing an about me page.  soon!)

anyway, the first part of my new a to z series -  a is for apartment hunting.

as you know, i took last week off from blogging, not for the name change but because i was apartment hunting.  which is just the worst experience ever.

the biggest annoyance being why is nothing standardized on a giant website like homes for sale are?  do you know how many places i had to look to find all the different apartments for rent?  so many websites - craigslist, rent.com, apartmentfinder, a million others and all the properties are represented by different rental companies who have deals with only certain apartment search companies.  so once i finally found properties i was interested in, i had to schedule appointments with 10+ search companies because they all represented different neighborhoods and buildings - even if the buildings were next door to each other.  someone please streamline this process, it's out of hand.  (and i had to do all this searching and scheduling during my lunch hour - my prime blogging time.  how rude.)

and to be honest, i'm not sure how people less organized than me apartment hunt.  i'm excellent at searching, scheduling, paperwork, staying on top of things like being on time and knowing who i'm meeting when and where, even if i don't write it down!  i know it stressed out my mom and dad who are far less organized and efficient than me.  (hi mom.  you know it's true.)  i would hate to see and feel what someone less focused than me goes through when they apartment hunt.

ugh, then there's the issue of rent.  i know this isn't new york or d.c. but rent here is still outrageous for what you're getting. specifically, rent in chicago is the equivalent of a mortgage payment.  that is flat out insane.  i don't understand how they can get away with that.  a mortgage on a $200,000 condo downtown, including taxes and assessments, is most of the time less than what they charge in rent on a similarly situated unit.  this makes absolutely no sense to me.

well in case you were wondering, i did find an apartment.  in my own current building.  how's that for ironic?  it was always an option, but it's a smaller unit and not saving a ton of money from what i currently pay.  but certainly saving from giant increase they wanted on my current unit.  i think it's a turnover thing.  apartments in chicago no longer require security deposits (the laws in chicago make it difficult, things about interest bearing accounts and such) so instead, they flat out charge you a non-refundable "administration fee" and "move in fee" often around $400.  in addition to credit check fees and everything else.  so i think they only want you for a year, then they want to get someone else in and get their non-refundable $600+ in fees.

i would have had to pay these fees at all of the places i looked at.  plus hire movers, etc etc so it made sense to just stay put in my building and switch units.  no extra fees, and no need for movers - just a few friends to drag my couch and bed to the elevator and into a new apartment 6 floors down.  so that is where i'll be for the next year, but of course - it's still not exactly enjoyable to move all my stuff down a few floors (and do things like transfer the cable and electric.)  thankfully i don't have too much of it after all my decluttering and minimizing, so it won't take long.

and at least a decision has been made and i can stop apartment hunting.

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  1. Glad you found an apt boo. Now if only the address said "wa" on it ;)

  2. Rental hunting is the WORST, it took me forever to find a place when I moved in April. I finally answered a very non specific ad on Craigslist and found something only 5 minutes away from the beach. I hope I don't have to look again for a few years.

  3. That sounds like a blast. Not. Make sure you have plenty of drinkage while moving your stuff.

  4. Glad you got that sorted out... so many changes for you!

  5. Ugh apartment hunting is the WORST. I did it in May for my current apartment and never stopped since my sublease ends in October. Luckily, I finished this weekend, too when we finally signed a lease! Yay for it being over for both of us!!

  6. ick, that is no fun. but i'm glad that you found another apartment!

    Vodka and Soda

    1. I am so happy to be done with that part!!

  7. What a beeotch that entire process is. I'm glad you're finished with it. It still sucks to move anything. Friends, come do this.

  8. I am glad you have made a decision! I am sure that alleviates some stress!

    I hope blogger updates our stuff SOON! :)

  9. moving is the absolute WORST. I don't care if it's across town or just 6 floors down, it sucks. how is Hawkeye adjusting to the new digs?

    ps: love the new design! I've never seen empire records and should probably get on that, eh...

  10. I use to live in a college town, before Greg drug me out into the middle of no where (and thats the downtown area that we live in, everything else might as well be the jungle) Rent in my former town was the same as a mortgage. Its so stupid.

  11. i seriously need to not take breaks from blogging!! love the new design and name!! (although i miss the glitter a bit ;) hahah) and rent is ridiculous...but then buying a house seems impossible as well...ugh being a grown up stinks!!

  12. moving is the worst! but i'm glad you got it all figured out. i just realized tonight it's time for me to start thinking about the "stay or go" thing... blah.

  13. Glad your search is over for now! And it sounds like it worked out pretty well for you.


  14. Yay glad you found an apartment, the search for a place in Chicago is a pain in the ass.

  15. If you ever need to find another apartment for rent try Padmapper. It is an actual Google map that you can zoom into the area you want and there are little pins for each available property. When you hover over the pin a little box pops up with the listing. I pulls from a ton of different websites. I am glad you found a place that wasn't too long of a move though!

  16. Sooooo I've been in and out of blogging and I was so confused as to whose blog this is....and finally got down to the root of it! ha! love the change!! :)