A to Z of Little Life Wins: A is for Auto-Anything

August 14, 2013

obviously a lot of things annoy me day to day.  you've already heard about apartment hunting and bike riders.  but occasionally you just have to celebrate those little life wins - the tiny things that happen in your daily life that balance out the annoyances.  like scoring a free coffee or timing green lights perfectly.

one of my favorite little life win is auto-anything.  finding out that something, literally anything, is automatic makes me so disproportionately happy.

auto-draft on your fantasy league.
auto-reply on e-mails when you're out of town.
auto-start on the coffee maker so the coffee is ready when you get up.
auto-sync on your phone/computer/other devices so you never even need to plug them in.
timed auto backups on word processors like microsoft word so you don't lose your work.
auto shut off on things like my computer and tv so i don't waste electricity when i fall asleep with them still on.
automatic doors so you don't have to touch any nasty door handles.
automatic transmission, obviously, since barely anyone can drive stick any more.

oh and this automatic skittles sorting machine.  what??  yeah.

sure, a love of automatic things just means i'm lazy but any extra steps taken out of my day make me sublimely happy.

except auto-correct.  because apparently my phone does not appreciate my swear words, but sometimes, siri, i'm not ducking anything and you should know that by now.


  1. celebrating little wins is the secret to a happy life. auto correct is the secret to an angry life. I ducking hate siri

  2. haha autocorrect pretty much ruins my life on a daily basis

  3. I don't understand why my phone thinks I never want to swear. No seriously, I mean bitch. Not butch.

  4. Love this. I could not get Siri to type Dbag the other night, it kept coming out as snag, and then ducking when I was yelling at her. We all can relate!

  5. Autocorrect angers me on a daily basis yet I won't turn it off because 6 times out of 10 it helps me out, but it's that 4 times where I'd like to tell it where it can go with it's correcting skills.

  6. My iphone should KNOW that I'm never saying ducking, but I am saying what it thinks I'm not saying ALL THE TIME.

  7. i know everyone hates autocorrect but it makes life so funny!

    i with there was auto fold-and-put-away-laundry. that would be the ultimate life win.

    Vodka and Soda

  8. When I use the microphone on my phone it does things like this ... Sh**. It's quite amusing and annoying. Don't censor me phone!!!

  9. Haha when I got really really pissed at my husband I sent him some of my love language of the moment. Auto correct turned it into "stop being a ducking askhole" and his response was "wow, an askhole? Haha" and then I saw black to match the color of my heart. Never laugh when I am pissed Haha

  10. I hate when auto correct corrects a real word. Every time I put "gave" it changes it to "have" - ummmm last I checked gave is a real freaking word!!!

  11. The constant changing of fucking to ducking makes me want to throw my phone across the room. Shit gets changed to shot all the time too. It should be smart enough to know I NEVER type ducking in a text.

  12. Lol I love the list!

    And how long have I been out of the loop? When did you change your blog name?!

  13. I usually hate autocorrect, but sometimes it's funny. like the time my phone changed "yeaa!" to "USA!!" I was just like 'wow my phone knows me so well.' but other times I'm just like 'stop it.'

  14. Hahaha love the text thing, autocorrect hates me seriously hates me. I accidently sent the word vagina to someone I had just met. EMBARASSING. But otherwise I love all those things too :)

  15. I'm with you on everything but the transmissions. I LOVE driving stick. And I don't know what it is about the iPhone but it's like it hates to swear. Shit always becomes shot. F*uck ALWAYS becomes duck or ducking. It's soooo damn annoying.

  16. Autos are amazing. Life is just so much easier!

  17. Haha, auto-turnoff on the air conditioner stinks too!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  18. Hahaha I have the same problem!! Auto correct hates me!!

  19. LOL, autocorrect makes me laugh. But I'm NOT on board for the auto trans...it makes me SO sad to see the manual die. Its a real driving experience, and if I'm ever lucky enough to own a sports car, it better be stick shift!


  20. WAIT - you like auto-draft in your fantasy league?
    who are you?


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