Oh Those Updates

most of the name change issues are going rather well.  everything is switched over and if you subscribe by rss feed, e-mail, or bloglovin, those should have updated automatically.  i've even managed to get bourbonandglitter.com to forward here.  but not www.bourbonandglitter.com.  who knows, that's something i'm not interested in figuring out because it seems like some technical garbage that i'd be incapable of correcting anyway.

the only thing that won't update is the blogger dashboard.  i have no ideas why.  i'm sorry.  so if you regularly read from your dashboard, you'll see my new name in your list, but it'll only show you posts from before the name change.  so far the only way to fix this is unfollow and refollow.  which obviously is a huge hassle and stupid so if anyone out there knows how to fix this please fill me in.  i'd love to correct it.

and it's not feedburner, that's been fixed since the beginning.

yeps, all i have for you today.  have a great weekend!

update: pretty sure i fixed it now on the blogger dashboard!  so you should be seeing it correctly now.  look at me go.


  1. Hm. That's weird about the blogger dashboard. That's your RSS feed so if its redirecting already, that should be too. Unless its coming from a different feed. Did you have bourbonandglitter.com or bourbonandglitter.blogspot.com before? When I changed my blog name and URL I had to do an extra redirect for the gumdropsandgloss URL. Such a pain!

  2. I googled this awhile ago and it is not fixable. I don't know why and it sucks. Because I could've transferred my old blog and followers to my new blog.

    Oh well.

  3. It's showing up for me in dashboard...I think?

  4. I just deleted B&G and re-added you to my sidebar of blogs I read as your new self. BOOM.

    Have a great weekend!