A to Z of Annoyances: D is for Delays

i was going to wait and make this post m is for metra but i'm currently too annoyed to wait that long.  i hate delays, 5 minutes, 50 minutes, nothing annoys me more since i am always on time.  my parents struggle with being on time for anything, which i think made me so mad over the years that i went the complete opposite way and am now on time if not early for absolutely everything.  i don't even believe in being fashionably late for parties, i'll be there an hour early to help you set up.  obviously, delays make me crazy.  lateness is extremely noticeable to me, especially when there's no real reason for it and it just keeps happening.

so chicago metra, this goes out to you - change. your. effing. schedule.  i take the train fairly often.  not every day, and i've heard that it's decently on time during rush hour.  but i at least take it every weekend, and have been doing so since i was in high school.  that's 10 years times 48 times a year of the metra being late.  i have never, not one single time, taken a weekend metra train that has been on time.  480 times (and 960 if we count the ride back, and that's late too) at least you've been late, metra.  are you kidding me?!

and what annoys me even more is that it's not just late but consistently late timing-wise.  like it's regularly the same amount of minutes late.  it's never a large number, nothing like an hour delay, but come on.  if you claim to get somewhere by 3:30 but it's always 3:39, then change the damn schedule to say 3:39!!

one that irks me so much is taking the train from downtown to my parents house, which is approximately 6 stops away.  and it is 4 minutes past the time it claims it will arrive at my parents house every time.  4 minutes should not be a big deal and in the grand scheme of things, it's not.  but trust me, when it's exactly 4 minutes late 300 times in a row, you get more annoyed than the situation warrants.  the train almost always leaves the station on time.  and there's not many stops between downtown and my parents house, so it's not a lot of passenger delay that could be holding up the train, especially the first one on saturday morning.  no one's on it.  it's just that metra is assuming the train moves at a certain speed and it so obviously does not.  it moves 4 minutes slower than you think it does, metra, and why you can't figure that out after at least 10 years baffles me.  get your shit together.

the most annoying part though, by far, is that every time i take the train, it passes metra signage over the highway that says "we're on time, are you?"  this makes me beyond ragey, because i've stared at the sign while running late over 500 times.  you've got to be kidding me metra.  being chronically late is one thing, but then the false advertising you place on top of that?  i hate you.

i hate that i have to use you.  true, those 4 minutes aren't a big deal but when you add it up - you've wasted at least 32 hours of my life.  and it's actually significantly more because the return trips are late too.  and for that i hate you.  i want my days back.

bite me.


  1. Being late sucks. I hate it. We don't have transportation like that here though. So if I'm late, it's because the idiots around me don't know how to drive. True story.

  2. Hahah this post hits way too close to home for me. As a daily Metra user, I feel your pain! I used to think the people that stood in line for the door 10 minutes before we arrive at the downtown station were weird... now I just know they're late :)

  3. we are kindred spirits because I'M THE EXACT SAME WAY. i'm *always* on time (if not early!) and even if i'm early and i have to wait until the time that we're supposed to meet, I GET MAD that i have to wait!

    and that excuse about kids making people late? BULLSHIT. that just means you have poor time management because if you know your kids are slow, START GETTING READY EARLIER.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. ha! I have no experience with the chicago metra, but DC's metro is pretty fucking terrible so I can imagine your pain.

  5. YES! agh, I hate tardiness. I'm always on time, my friends are never on time. it kills me. thank goodness I don't have to ever take public transportation, I'd be as annoyed as you are.

  6. OMG yes! I took the metra 3 years straight every single weekend to go to my parents and I was NEVER on time. NEVER. Anyone who says that it works well during rush hour is so lucky because before i left the country I had to take the metra everyday to and from work and it never arrived on time. I was late to work every single time I took the train for 2 months! All that aside I am also the same my parents are late everywhere...we say my mom will be late to her own funeral but I hate to be late. HATE IT.


    I do not understand how a major transportation system like the Metra or here in Philly SEPTA cannot keep to a schedule. THEY MAKE THE SCHEDULE!

    I take the 7:37 into work most mornings. It was arriving at 7:40 or later every day. What did SEPTA do? They changed the schedule to 7:35. WHAT? And now most days it arrives at...7:40. You cannot make this up.

  8. I hate when public transportation is late too. I don't plan my time to include delays so when delays do inevitably come, it freaks me out.

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

    1. I plan for plane delays but trains running all day every day? Really?! Ugh. Figure it out already! Give me an accurate schedule!

  9. I think I would kill someone if I had to take public transportation on a regular basis.

  10. That sign would infuriate me, too! I'm also in the "always early" camp; running late stresses me the eff out. Sounds like a job for Mayor Daley.

    (I know Mayor Daley isn't the mayor anymore. But my sisters and I would always joke about things he needed to fix around the city and it kind of stuck. Long story? No, just a boring one to someone who isn't a McCarthy sister. I'm sure you'll find this enormously helpful)

  11. oh public transportation.
    how convenient yet vexing.

    can you just do some general day drinking on it to cope?