Excited for... Nothing

September 5, 2013

do i need another weekend after my extended one?  no.  am i glad it's here?  yes.  it hasn't been a very long or busy week, but there's been a long list of tiny annoyances i've had to attend to.  work things, events (dad's birthday!  while fabulous of course, still takes planning and reservations and card and donut buying), cable installation, lease issues, the end of summer hours meaning i have to stay past 4 pm on fridays, etc. etc.  but it's okay because the weekend has arrived and i can officially ignore everyone and everything and do nothing until monday if i don't want to.  and i don't.  is it weird that i'm excited about having zero weekend plans?  it's true.  i'm excited for nothing.

but the week wasn't all annoying.  there were some key highlights i can't overlook:

1. celebrated my dad's birthday!  he turned 74.  i don't think anyone believes he's actually 74.  happy birthday dad.

(ok, this picture is july 2011 but close enough.)

2. navy pier and braving the ferris wheel.  for real though, that thing is high.  too high, just look.  but it was still nice to enjoy the pier on an off day.  i even got to eat at margaritaville and take photos in a photo booth.  and almost convinced john to make me a build a bear but decided that (a) that shit is too hard, (b) i have no room for such clutter and (c) i have no need to form yet another overly sentimental attachment to expensive stuffing with eyes.  so we skipped it.  i got a frozen daquiri instead which was a way more satisfying decision on my part.

3. one more of my student loans is paid off! (yeah, one more out of 5 total) which brings me down to having only one loan left, which hopefully can be paid off within this next year? two years?  whatever, one more down, one to go.  whoo!

and michelle was proud.  she's so good with money, i'm jealous.  i learn things from her though!

4. i've made progress on my 101 in 1001 list.  i didn't do much in august with the move and everything, but i'm back on track this week.  pay off the loans is on the list so that's obviously in progress, but i also got to try a new restaurant for dad's birthday, shanghai terrace.  and i'm hoping to get one more goal checked off on saturday.  wouldn't it be awesome to have half the list completed within the first 6 months?!

5. i moved units in the same building, which obviously means the same lady signs for my packages. guys, she knew.  i went down there for the first time after moving and she said "oh stepanee, 1208, you move! 601 now, i see your name, i know it you.  what you buy now?" (she has a very thick accent)  she knows how much i love my online shopping.  pipe down woman, i needed cleaning supplies!  i swear this time, not like the time i told john that "mac" was a cleaning supply store.  regardless of her calling me out, i have to admit it was pretty hilarious.  she reserves a little area for my packages because she knows i come get them right away, 5:15 the day they arrive.  because i stalk tracking numbers obviously.  i don't have a problem.  there's only 2 waiting for me right now, and i only forgot what 1 of them is.

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png


  1. Your dad is a liar. There is no way that man is 74 years old. He just tells you these things just to get you going. Congrats on paying off your loan. That's exciting! I'm too scared to buy stuff online. I don't know why. I do it occasionally but not too often. I want too though. I might start with this asos add. I just love it.

  2. I'm giggling about that last bit - I'm the same way. I obsessively check my tracking and rush home if something's been delivered while I'm working.

    Happy Thursday!

  3. LOLOLOL @ MAC, the cleaning supply store. hahaha

    Happy birthday to your dad!

    I get crazy excited when I have a weekend of nothing.

  4. Nothing weekends are the best. Have fun!

    XO, Samm

  5. He does not look 74! I don't believe you! :)

    And yes, I am proud of you getting rid of that student loans, WOOHOO!

  6. There's no way papa bear is 74!! Ps, I feel the same way about my "doing nothing" time. It comes so seldomly for me... I envy your weekend filled with no plans.

  7. i can't with ferris wheels. i hate them. i lose my shit and hyperventilate everytime i'm on one. it's stupid really. because i will go on ANY rollercoaster any day!!
    happy birthday to your dad!

  8. I am dying at cleaning supplies from MAC. Men believe anything. I stopped answering the door if the UPS guy comes when I am home because I was embarrassed at all of the shit I get all the time.

    Free weekends are sometimes the best weekends!

  9. Your dad looks so good! and have a lovely relaxing time. xx

  10. Happy Birthday to your dad!! Is that your mom? You favor her!

  11. I get really excited about not having plans too. it is nice to just do whatever the hell you want sometimes. and there is no way that man it 74! he looks great, happy birthday old man!

  12. Yay for the weekend! Yay for dads birthday.. YAY FOR PAYING OFF STUDENT LOANS! And yay for pooping!!

    Well... the last part is for me. HAHA!

  13. I LOVE do nothing weekends! Enjoy it!

  14. Your dad looks great for 74 (even if that picture is two years old)! I have to admit, I'm excited for nothing also. I have no other plans tonight than to go home and lay on my couch. It shall be glorious. It's good to know I'm not the only person who stalks tracking numbers. I think I check them three or four times a day when I know a package is coming. I just can't stand the anticipation.

  15. So we are both apparently stuffed animal hoarders. I CANNOT give a stuffed animal away. I have so many taking up space and it is just ridiculous.

  16. I was just talking to my co-worker today about how overly excited I am about this weekend because I have ZERO plans.

  17. You OWN that student loan! Whoohooo!
    Also, I'm with you on that ferris wheel. I always think the going up part of the roller coaster is the worst part and the ferris wheel is nothing but that!

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

    1. That is so true, it's exactly that part! All slow so you have time to think about just how high you are and view your surroundings. Evil!

  18. haha i'm like that too with packages; if somehow i find out that they took it back to the post office, i'm there waiting for them to show up LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  19. Haha sounds like a good week to me!

  20. Yay happy birthday to your dad! Looks like a great weekend...well all but that ferris wheel business. They freak me out haha!

  21. I actually crossed some 101 things off this week. I was super proud of myself. Your dad looks awesome for 74. look at the pic of the view from the ferris wheel made me scared. No way could I do that.


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