Monday, September 30, 2013

Goal #25: My Makeup Routine

i posted on friday about how i was able to check off goal #25 on my 101 in 1001 list.  it boiled down to picking my favorite products and figuring out a fast makeup routine so i can speed up the process in the mornings.  i'm not a beauty blogger by any means, but i love snooping on other blogs to see what they use, so i thought i'd share mine too.  here's what works for me, which i've found through a trial and error process.

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the basics
face: for the work day, i just use bb cream.  it's much lighter on my skin, and i don't need heavy coverage.  i stick to urban decay naked skin bb cream because it doesn't make me feel shiny or greasy.  i use benefit erase paste concealer in light for under eye circles.  mine are pretty dark and i think this stuff works great, especially since i don't need to use much.  i top that with rimmel stay matte powder (cheap and works wonderfully!).  i spend more on blush, using the nars blush in orgasm.  but this lasts me forever and i haven't found anything comparable in a cheaper brand, so nars it is.

eyes: for eye shadow, i use the urban decay naked 2 palette.  doesn't everyone adore this?  it's pricey but i won't have to purchase shadow again for a long time.  i use it daily and it looks like i've barely touched it.  (i also adore the stila 'in the light' palette.)  i use urban decay 24/7 eyeliner in ... bourbon.  i wanted a brown and i picked that solely for the name but i swear it's a great color.  these liners glide on smooth and fast.  top that with covergirl professionals super thick lash mascara and i'm done with eyes.

lips: and lastly, revlon color burst lip butter in peach parfait.  don't let the tube color fool you.  these go on sheer and the peach is perfect on every skin tone.  very natural.  and it's super hydrating, it goes on like chap stick.  i carry it everywhere.  i also have a more pink tone and a red, but the peach is my go-to.

i'll be honest, i don't have time for all that highlighting business and such on the week day mornings before work.  i like my sleep.  so when i have more time (like... when i'm going out on the weekends!) i use a few additional/different products.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

the extras
face: i take the time to start with primer, two faced primed and poreless.  it really does make a difference and i should use it daily, but that just ain't happening.  i use makeup forever mat velvet+ as foundation instead of the bb cream.  it lasts longer, doesn't make me shiny, and looks nice in pictures.  i use the same concealer, powder, blush, and eye shadow palette, but i add the urban decay eye shadow primer.  it makes the shadows stay longer and i think it makes the color deeper even with less product.  could i just use the face primer on my lids?  probably.  but the ud eye primer was free and i really like it.

usually i also take the time for bronzer and highlighter.  i'm of the opinion that bronzer is bronzer so i stick with the elf version.  for highlighter i use benefit high beam and i love this stuff.  if i remembered i'd probably wear it daily, but usually i forget.  i'm not a morning person, ok?!  and a little goes a long way, so this is another pricey up front but lasts forever product.

eyes: for nights out, i switch to liquid liner.  i use l'oreal intense eyeliner in black which i recommend for beginners because the tip is thin so it's easy to work with.  i also switch to mac false lash mascara.  i love the way it makes my lashes look but i don't love the price tag for everyday wear.  also, i find it takes longer to put on because you can get clumps if you aren't careful (and at 7 a.m., i'm not careful) and doesn't wash off as easily.  great for all night dancing, not necessary for sitting in an office.  and i'm already fairly lazy about makeup removal at night, i don't need extra difficult mascara every day no matter how great my lashes look (and the cg stuff looks fab for every day anyway, in my opinion.)

lips: and finally, gloss.  i have a few kinds, as i prefer gloss to wear gloss over lipstick.  i never reapply, i just don't think about it much.  the best one for non-sticky and long lasting is nars.  and i get it in orgasm cause i dunno it matches my blush.  it's a neutral shimmer, i like it.  i've also been known to use mac gloss and milani gloss, so i'm clearly not brand preferential nor high end preferential.  if it works, it works, no matter the price point.

i should mention that i don't tan so no, my makeup doesn't change by season.  i'm pasty white year round.  my skin type is pretty normal, oily in the t zone so if i put on nothing in the mornings, i'll be t-zone shiny by around noon.  i hate being shiny.  i don't give a crap if 'dewy' looks are in, my face will always be matte as long as i can help it.  hence, mattifying makeup.  so all of this works well for acne prone skin.  i also wear contacts, none of this bothers my eyes.  oh and i get asked about the red lips in my photo to the right - it's makeup forever in moulin rouge, the only bright red i will wear.

any other questions?  do we use any of the same products?!

(none of these are affiliate links and nothing was sent for free.  this is just what i use.)

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