I Request the Highest of Fives

September 19, 2013

1. don't forget to enter this giveaway, (originally posted here)  i'll be picking a winner on sunday.

2. these boots happened.  oh yes they did.  only $20 from justfab.com and i cannot wait to receive them.  i think this is acceptable because (a) only $20, (b) i honestly have no boots that aren't cowboy in nature, and (c) i've been wanting ones exactly like this since i posted them on my blog last year around this time.  because lauren conrad has them (fine, she has the expensive chloe ones, but i don't have my own tv show so $20 it is.)  told you she's my style icon.

3. i know i just talked about clutter free gifts, and for my friends, that's going to happen.  but not for the animal loves in my life.  like my best friend's cat, royal, and yes, i buy royal christmas and birthday presents, deal with it.  i found this perfect box tree contraption for cats, he's going to go bonkers.  the day meredith threw out the giant box her table came in was hands down the saddest day of royal's little life.  and i'm basically bringing it back, but better.  so maybe i haven't found perfect gifts for the humans in my life, but animals are way easier to shop for.

p.s. for the record, 'meow mow mow-mow' means 'i love you' in cat.  we've proven it scientifically.  and by scientifically i mean the world's meanest farm cat in kentucky lets me, and only me, touch her.  because i'm the only one that tells her i love you in cat.  true story.

4. whoa new iphone software update.  i was not mentally prepared for all these updates.  although i quickly figured out new alarm and text sounds (happy me, i hated the old ones), i'm still learning everything else.  it really is like having a brand new phone without spending the money.  my poor fingers were used to the old keyboard and now all my texts are screwed up and i'm not even drinking.  hashtag first world problems.  which may or may not be exactly what i texted tara, because some times we're obnoxious enough to hashtag our text messages.  don't worry.  i'm judging myself.

5. speaking of which, tara's coming in to town.  we're planning on going to watch the iowa game at a bar in wrigleyville at 11 a.m. on saturday... and then we're going to stay out.  in wrigley.  for the rest of the day and night.  i'm not great at math, but i at least know that's over 12 hours of drinking.  what could go wrong?

i hope i shall see you monday.  fingers crossed.

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  1. Those boots are perfection! I have a pair like that with the tiny wedge and I wear them ALL of the time! Have fun with your girl this weekend!


  2. I thought I was the only one who was having issues with using the keyboard. Autocorrect is even worse now. Ugh...

  3. $20?! running to justfab.com now, uh ohh

  4. Hehe good luck with the 12 hour-er in Wrigley on Saturday... I've been there. Let's just say the last time I did that I ended up ripping my friends shirt off her boyfriend, because snap buttons are stupid. It's the first time I met him. He's 37.

  5. BOOTS! i love them. i want a new pair but i have like, 4 others that are lonely for my feet :(

    Vodka and Soda

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  7. LOVE those boots. I'm seriously wanting a new pair, but haven't convinced myself to spend the money. $20, though, I could probably do..... ;)

    And I'm super jealous of your night out in Wrigley. I can't wait to be back in Chi Town around Christmas!

  8. Love those boots! I am struggling with the update on my iphone as well...driving me crazy! 12 hours in Wrigley, you may be my hero!

  9. I love IOS7 so much! It's so fun! And that is so funny - every time I open a package my cat jumps right into the box. It doesn't matter how fat he is or how small the box is, he will get in it. What is it with boxes. Haha.

  10. I've yet to do my update yet. I'm not sure of I'm looking forward to it or not...

  11. Those boots are very cute! And I've been scared to update my phone because of the changes, it's refreshing to hear that things aren't horrible in 7 land.


  13. great deal on those boots! love when that happens!

  14. i can't wait to just show up some weekend in chicago.
    i mean - it's not even far.


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