September Goals Update

the end of september is upon us.  i can hardly believe it, because usually i don't think summer goes by very quickly.  you know me, i'm a huge winter/snow fan, so summer seems to drag for me.  but not this year.  i really feel like tara and i just began our 101 in 1001 lists yesterday.  granted it was only july 4th that we started, but in 3 months i've accomplished 27 out of my 101 things, and i have so many more in progress.

it gives me a heck of a lot of insight into my personality too, because my 'organization' goals are almost completely done while my 'financial' goals are barely touched.  touche, stephanie procrastination techniques.  touche.

you can see my complete 101 in 1001 list here.  and here's my september progress: (bold = completed, italics = in progress)

get the apartment on a realistic cleaning schedule - my place stays pretty well clean, i've got a good system going and it hasn't been a problem in a few months.  i think if i can keep it up another month, i'll be ready to check this off.

learn a quick makeup routine using favorite products - i have picked my favorites of everything.  once i find what i love, i really don't change.  so i have favorite day time versus evening makeup staples and i've perfected getting it all done in just a few minutes. i was showered, hair dried, dressed, makeup, everything done in under 40 minutes just a few weekends ago. and probably 20 of that was drying my dang thick hair.  but it's safe to cross this off now, i can do it in just mere minutes.  i'm by no means a beauty blogger, but if you're interested in my favorite products, i'll definitely share!

figure out a skincare routine - i got all my favorite products down to a science.  my skin isn't sensitive, but i like to stick with what i know and see results from.  if i can stick to this more often in the next month or so, i'll be confident in crossing it off.  like the makeup, if you want to know what i use, i'll be happy to share.
make my own mini happiness project

take photos in a photo booth with john - at navy pier!  so fun.

(let her find out i'm dating her brother and then) be civil with julie - well she found out in august, and she's totally fine with me.  at least, to my face.  she gets a little dramatic about it with john occasionally by asking the pointed "how's stephanie?", but when he had to break a date night because of a sudden change in his work hours, she told him "why can't you just go any way? she's a nice girl."  i consider that a win.  he may never be civil with his own sister, but at least i am.

pay off student loans - one is paid off!  that's 4 out of 5 paid off.  and i made a big dent on the last one.  so close i can taste it, it's about $5,000 left at a 3% interest rate.

decide if i really want that tattoo, once and for all, and get it if i do - i made a decision.  no tattoos for me.  yeah, that decision took at least 5 years to make.  i wanted a hawkeye, like the tiger hawk iowa symbol.  i thought i did at least, but i finally decided that tattoos are just not my thing.  tara's are fun and they look cool.  i know i'd always love the tiger hawk.  but tattoos just aren't 'me'.  oh well.  decision made!
make awesome matching halloween costumes with tara - my pinata costume!  it's more than half finished, you can check it out on instagram.  tara is (or should be...) working on hers, we're going to look hilarious.  and we're going to throw candy at people all night, so it's a win all around.  next month, this will be checked off the list!  october is going to be a big 'check it off' month, i can tell.

so that's 4 more things accomplished this month and a lot more in progress.  i also read a ton and watched a bunch of movies/tv series so there's big dents in those goals too.  i really want to hit 50 by the end of december.  i think it would be so fun to have half my list done in just 6 months, when i have 2.75 years.

if you want to link up your posts on your goals, please do! your posts can be anything related to your goals - 101 lists, bucket lists, 30 before 30 lists, anything you're working on or planning to work on soon. i love seeing other people's ideas and progress!


  1. I'm always interested in knowing what make up every one uses, so I'm all ears! lol I'm gonna be updating a few things in my makeup "kit", my foundation is the same I've had since....well...we'll just say for quite a few years. Major fail right there!
    Cute photo booth pics! And glad everything went well with his sister.
    I'm sad I didn't get to link up last month, stupid internet issues. But I will be able to this time! Gonna set mine to post Saturday. :)
    Also, you're making awesome progress which is make ME want to make awesome progress...which I have absolutely not done... lol

  2. I think I've been missing your posts on Instagram. I will check the costumes out.

    I love seeing what products people use, makeup and skin. I am in the progress of a makeup post now because most of the week I wear none, so I've put what I use daily on plates and photographed them. LOL

  3. I have been waiting to hear about the sister finding out!!! Glad to hear that she didn't want to rip your head off!!!

    LOVING the costume!! I can't wait to see the finished product!!!


  4. I want to see your costume. What a great idea! And throwing candy at people just makes it that much better. I like to throw things at people, but normally it's not candy so they aren't very happy about it.

  5. ok. so once you pay off your student loans you're going to pay off mine right?
    because we're super fab blogger friends and you would do that for me, RIGHT?

  6. I wish you could come over and organize my apartment for me, haha. I've finally got myself on a cleaning schedule and it's working out great, but I still need a lot of organization help.

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  8. My hair always takes the longest when I'm getting ready and it never looks good!

    Don't mind my deleted comment from my personal email. hahaa.

  9. Congrats on getting a beauty routine down so quickly!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. That is awesome progress for so early on! My first 101 in 1,001 I knocked out a lot more in the beginning than this one, I think they're going to win up being polar opposites :)

  11. Woah , a big congo mongo for student loans ! They're a fat head ache all the time !

  12. SO glad you aren't living in a secret relationship anymore! Congrats on the loan stuff too.That's huge.


  13. Paying off student loans = the best feeling EVER!

  14. That is pretty awesome your making serious progress! I'd love to know your skincare routine. I don't have sensitive skin at all but I feel like I need to learn more about a good routine to help keep my face fresh :)

  15. I love fall and winter too! Of course, I rarely see snow in SC, but get to spend either Thanksgiving or Christmas in Iowa. And glad you finally got the big relationship reveal out of the way and its not hanging over your head.

  16. Omg so much to comment on... Good job on the organization!! Mine was shot dead these past weeks. I pretty much do the 5 minute make up routine carmindy on what not to wear does. Except when I take my time not in going out... My skin care routine is crap too :( I need to get that down!! Yay for photo booths and being civil with the sister

  17. girl, i youtube the shit out of makeup routines. how do you think i learned how to put on blush?

    and those pics of you and john are adorable :) i would totally do this but they cost like, $8 here in toronto and i'm too cheap to fork out that kina money.

    ps - student loans lick bag. glad you paid off one of them :)