September 23, 2013

some days, i just have nothing worthwhile to say.  and you can't force a blog post.  so instead, i leave you with these words of wisdom, which may just offer a little insight into the female psyche.

at least it makes sense to me.

and congrats to the winner of the lauren conrad books giveaway - ty of arkansassy!


  1. I just read that one the other night. lol
    It's all too often when I don't have any kind of post ideas.
    Sucks ass.

  2. HAHAHAHA. I love the tumblrverse sometimes...

  3. samesies. i start to blog but then partway through the post, i think: this blows. so no post.

  4. Stop it! That is hilarious. and it makes SO much sense. SO MUCH.

  5. Yes. This is all true. Especially in my world!

  6. OK - i totally read this and then read it to shitler and then he was all "damn - with your period that means you lose like millions." and i was like "YA I KNOW DON'T REMIND ME."


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