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Goal #46: My Skincare Routine

another goal of mine, after figuring out the makeup routine, was to determine a quick skin care routine.  i figured i probably wasn't washing my face enough or using enough moisturizer because i'd skip it when i decided i didn't have time, which was usually in the mornings.  so i figured out some products that work for me both quickly in the mornings, and also at night when i have a bit more time.

Morning Face Products

in the morning, i wash with the neutrogena cream cleanser.  after that i use toner.  i just get witch hazel from the drug store, it's pretty cheap and easy to find.  after that dries (just about a minute or two) i apply eye cream and face cream.  both with spf because i don't put other sunscreen on unless i'm going to be outdoors.  which i rarely am because i'll be honest with ya, i don't like the outdoors.  never have.  for my eyes i'm currently using the get defensive cream by mark, and for my face i use cetaphil oil control moisturizer, it is definitely the best for oily skin.  i used to hate face moisturizer and sunscreen because i hate the greasy feeling, but this is thin and dries quickly.  i never feel greasy and it does not make me look shiny. (refer to my makeup routine to see how i feel about shiny skin.)  i let the moisturizer sink in for a few minutes while i drink my coffee, then i apply my makeup.  the fact that this whole process takes mere minutes and i'm still getting clean and moisturized makes me very happy!

Nighttime Skin Care Products

and for my night time routine:

makeup removal: first i use clinique eye makeup remover.  they always come in the clinique gift bags during bonus time, so my mother often has a stockpile.  i think my cleansing towels could take off all my eye makeup but i feel like using the clinique first makes the process much faster.  it takes off even tough mascara in just a few swipes.  then i remove the rest of the makeup with yes to cucumbers towelettes.  i love them, they smell great and never bother my skin.  one towel takes off all my makeup. i like to remove it before i use face wash.  some people find this unnecessary, but i don't feel like i get as clean if i just use face wash.

cleansing: i shower at night because i'm in that routine.  i don't wash my hair every time i shower (i only wash my hair about 3 times a week) but when i do wash it, i simply don't have the time to do it in the morning.  it's very thick and takes an incredible amount of time to dry, and i avoid heat tools as much as possible. showering at night allows it to air dry.  anyway, this means i wash my face in the shower with clean and clear morning burst.  i know it's not morning, but whatever. 

moisturize: once i'm out of the shower, i use the same toner as from the morning routine, but a different face and eye cream.  since i'm not covering it in makeup, i use a heavier cream and allow it a little longer to dry.  for my eyes i use clinique all about eyes (another product always in gift bags) and for my face i use derma e hydrating night cream, which i love.  both of these cause no problems for my oily t-zone area.  they are heavier and take longer to soak in, which is why i don't use them for day time.

as you can see, i don't use tools like the clarisonic.  i keep eyeing it but i'm just not sure.  i don't have any skin care issues, so i'm just not that sure i need it or that it's worth the investment.  does anyone have it?  i also don't use weekly masks or exfoliators.  i'm sure i should, but as long as this routine is working for me, i'm happy.

(again, no affiliate links and nothing received for free. just what i really use and buy myself.)


  1. I need to check out that cetaphil moisturizer! I've been having trouble finding one that doesn't leave me feeling greasy.

  2. Do you have dry patches on your face at all? Just trying to see if your skin is like mine. I am interested in the Derma E.

  3. This is great for me! Its super helpful to see what other people who don't have skincare issues and don't spend $100's on their skincare routine use!

  4. I bought the Olay ProX facial brush (Clarisonic's cheaper twin) two years ago and use it almost every night. I think it takes my makeup off better than just washing my face. i don't have skin issues, but I love how soft my face is after using the brush :)

  5. I love all of these suggestions! I have been wanting to try witch hazel but just haven't yet! Maybe I will now! I love the nighttime routine- I have 3 out of the 5 products (both Clinique products and the Yes to Carrots) & I think they're all fantastic. I especially like the face wipes...sometimes I'm just way too lazy to actually wash my face!

  6. my rule of thumb when it comes to skin: keep it simple and stick with whatever works. you'll find that if you switch things up too much or introduce products that you're just interested in trying, you can really screw up your skin. skin gets more finicky with age so if what you're using works now, DON'T CHANGE A THING.

    this is what my mom has always stuck by and she's 65 but has the skin of a 50yr old (and not a wrinkle in sight)

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Love this! I've never tried witch hazel...mainly because I'm not 100% sure what it does. lol
    But I noticed you said in your make-up post that you have dark under eye circle? Girl friend, mine are pretty bad does that eye cream help? I've been eyeballing the Olay nighttime eye cream, but I just haven't bothered actually buying it.

  8. I totally need to get on top of my skincare routine!

    1. Everything seems faster with the routine!

  9. I think I need to try that Cetaphil moisturizer. How much did it cost? I also need to add some eye cream into my routine. Crow's feet... I can see them in my future.

  10. Bravo! My routine, wash face with water, put on moisturizer morning & night. I think I could take a few tips from you!

  11. LOVE that Clean & Clear Morning Burst wash!! I had to stop using it being preggo it has something bad in it but I can't wait to use it again!!!!!!!

  12. how long have you stuck with this? im curious to hear if you've noticed a difference, because once i created my skin care routine and stuck to it, my skin has improved like crazy

  13. I never put moisturizer on before my makeup in the morning because I have oily skin and I cannot stand the feeling of putting moisturizers on! It makes my skin soooo greasy! I am buying that cetaphil moisturizer tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Our mornings are somewhat similar. I use St. Ives scrub and the same with hazel. I don't really do eye cream but I've started using my Mario Badescu sample, it's a little but since I need so little it will last, and then I top it with knock off Oil of Olay moisturizer with SPF 15. I really need to start a night routine. I'm the worst about removing makeup and washing before bed.

  15. I love the All About Eyes rich, it feels so good! And I have a a Clarisonic but I don't love it. In fact, I don't even use it anymore, it was actually making me GET pimples, I swear!

  16. hi i think Olay ProX facial brush is good


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