I Checked Off a Secret Goal // Link Up

i love making 101 list progress.  so this month i officially checked off 10 more things.  i'm really trying to get to 50 by new years, but man i know those 'travel' and 'finance' goals are going to be tough.  i  know i have 800 and something more days to finish this, but the list keeps me motivated to do stuff i should be doing anyway (cleaning, budgeting) so even though i've already checked off 38 things in 4 months, it was a lot of work!  and i'm preparing for the fact that, especially with the travel goals (heyyy $$$) there will be months that 1 or even none will get crossed off.  i really want to finish this list and not have 20 tough things left with only a month to go.

get the apartment on a realistic cleaning schedule - as long as i remember to vacuum on sundays, the apartment has been staying in great shape!  i have a good system for dusting and cleaning counters, and i've kept it all very nice since i started this 101 list.  i feel like i can check this off!

completely declutter my parent's house - got the garage and front room completely done.  baby steps.  this is one goal that will take me the entire time frame and probably more.  my mom doesn't like to let go of things.

watch 101 popular movies/tv series (25/101) - i am keeping a running list on my phone.  it's a heck of a lot of tv series, but in my defense, i just leave them running on netflix while i do things like laundry, meal prep, cleaning.  so it's not a total waste of time!

try 5 popular/famous chicago restaurants (3/5 - geja's, shanghai terrace, tanta) - i tried geja's when sarah was in town, shanghai terrace for my dad's birthday, and tanta with kelli randomly after an oktoberfest street fest.  food was great at all of them, service sucked at tanta but i'll give them a break cause they're new.

make glitter cupcakes - oh yes, i put a healthy dose of edible glitter on this month's cocktail cupcakes.  check them out here.

figure out a skincare routine - take a look at this post for my routine.

make my own mini happiness project - i did the everyday happy e-course with melyssa and erika, which i loved.  i also did little things for the last four months, most of which were suggestions from gretchen rubin's book.  it included things like 'resisting happiness leeches' (the one that's probably made the biggest difference in my overall happiness level), taking time for projects, and getting the blog on a schedule, all of which have been very successful in making me feel a little happier each day!

watch a day of football with dad - it was football sunday/garage cleaning day.  all around good day except the bears lost to the redskins so that was lame.

start and maintain a complete address book and birthday list - i've got everyone in there now, it's an address book from may designs.  it has a back page for birthdays, so it's all in one spot.  since i got my holiday cards all done and ready to be mailed (yep, you read that right, and if you want one, send me your address!) i was able to double check that everyone was in there! 

tour a brewery - what better way then celebrating tara's birthday?  vimbly chicago was so kind as to send us on a brewery tour at lake effect brewing.  read all about it here.

make every drink on my cocktail hour pinterest board - i'm now at 8 out of 22 after making these four this month: classic red sangria, mango bellinis, champagne floats, french martini, and of course for miss tara, the happy birthday-tini

dye the tips of my hair a fun color, like pink, just once - i did pink for halloween!

make awesome matching halloween costumes with tara - technically, we did make them - see yesterday's post.  it counts!

secret goals
be in another winner's circle photo with our horse (september 2013) - ok this got checked off at the tail end of september, but it was after my september goals post went up.  the last saturday in september, our horse won her race!  i have 3 secret goals on my list.  i didn't want to list them because i'm superstitious like that, and this was one of them.  i really wanted to be in another winner's circle photo with her, and she came through like a champ!

your turn!  what have you checked off on your goals list?  or have you just started one of your own?  prepping for new years resolutions yet?  i want to hear about it!


  1. GLITTER CUPCAKES! Send me a billion of these please! :)

  2. i started making my christmas cards too and now that halloween is out of the way, i can do a little each night. oh, please stop by my house on your way home from your parents to organize okthanksbye!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I think at the rate I am going I will have 90 to complete with a month to go.

  4. I actually just wrote down a few things I wanted to accomplish in 2014 on a post-it note yesterday while I was bored at work. I'm not even done with 2013 and already planning for 2014. Typical.

  5. I love secret goals that can be crossed off!

    I am whittling away at my fall goals, doing well and I have time left. I need to get my winter goals going.

  6. OMG I am so jealous of your address book, I have every intention of doing what but I can't find one I like!

  7. Goal lists are so fun to be accomplishing! What movies/shows are on your list to watch/have you watched?

  8. Look at you go!! I want to start a 101 in 1001 list. i think it would totally motivate me to get some fun stuff done!! Glitter cupcakes sounds so fun, and the cocktails!! Yes, please!

  9. I wish we lived in the same city so I could make your organization and motivation rub off on me, while we drank of course

  10. Thanks for hosting this link up and motivating me to post today :)

  11. I get Gretchen Rubin's emails everyday, but have yet to read her book. I have it on my wishlist for this Christmas. I have a 101 in 1001 list, but I haven't marked off something in about a month or two.

  12. you're making awesome progress!

  13. I love that you spend a day watching football with your dad. My dad passed away a few weeks ago, and I am telling you, that is a memory you will cherish in years to come. I only wish I had done more things like that.

    Also LOVING this whole goals thing....doing the same thing myself. Have a great weekend x

    1. Football is one thing my dad and I have always been able to bond over. And he loves nothing more than when I just spend the whole day with him - my mom can't tell him to get off the couch and do stuff if I'm there too! I hope I have as many good memories with my dad as you have of yours.

  14. You are so funny! I am superstitious too & wouldn't put certain things up unless I knew it was sure thing or already happened.

  15. Wow it looks like you're making so much progress on your list. That's so great!

  16. I am actually coming up with a list that I want to accomplish before my next birthday! My birthday is in February, so it gives me a few months to get the list organized and then I am going to do it through 2014. I hope that I do as well as you are!

  17. Cleaning schedules are the best! As long as I don't get lazy (which can happen!) I have been noticing that my apartment has been so much better and more pleasant to spend time in!

  18. YAY! I actually agree with your superstitious-ness, it's like "if I tell you my wish, it might not come true." I'm glad I'm not the only one like that.
    Awesome progress!!

  19. Glitter cupcakes?? Count me in! I totally want to make some!
    I seriously need to make one of these lists! It's the only way I'll get motivated to get some of the stuff done that I always put on the back burner!

  20. Congrats for so many checks! I did a few recently as well and it's nice to see them crossed off. I need to upload it to my phone so that I have it with me 24/7!