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October 17, 2013

well it's not exactly highlights of the week nor a weekend recap, since it's everything over the past month.  so life lately.  that's fitting, right?  anyway, what i've been up to:

1. surprise flowers delivered from john.  "are they hawkeye yellow?  i requested hawkeye yellow."  and little chocolates which i may or may not have eaten before i even got the flowers in the vase, and then photographed an empty box.  priorities.

2. got my origami owl locket, i love it and wear it all the time.  (as seen in the photos from the brew tour.)  it's the large rose gold with the 32 inch rose gold chain.  inside i have the paw print, the horseshoe and the snowflake - all my favorite things!  i'm going to add more charms as soon as i decide what.  (i don't know much about ordering, lindsey hosted a party and that's how i got mine, direct any questions to her if you want more info!)

3. my holiday cards are all addressed and decorated!  and stamped.  yes.  mid october.  (jealous?) would you also like hawkeye's smiling face in your mailbox promptly on december 1?  let me know, i'll send you one!

4. she just climbed right into the tub and stared at me.  what is this?  demanding bath time?  did she somehow get dirty?!  someone is taking the 'hrh princess' in front of her name pretty seriously.

(if you didn't already see these, that means you don't follow me on instagram.  you should, it's like the hawkeye channel.)

date night!  yes, that's a selfie.  but that selfie becomes infinitely more acceptable after you see the photos of beers and shots, right?  we pretty much made the browns-bills game a drinking game (cause for real, how the heck did that get to be a thursday night primetime game?!)  i made it to work the next morning.  he did not.  not sure who the winner is.

i took a minute to truly appreciate just how much i enjoy texting my best friends.

celebrating tara's birthday!  (i keep linking her because she reads here every day and i assume one day i'll shame her into updating her damn blog since she has to get to 105 posts and judgmental zebras don't count, bitch)  'birthday-tini' martinis topped with that gold glitter you saw on the cupcakes yesterday, champagne, balloons and crowns - but someone got a bit exhausted after her auntie tara left.

dog, beers, boyfriend, friends.  i'm not complaining.


  1. Hi there!
    How are you?

    Your blog is lovely. And you have a wonderful friends around you.
    I like watching arrow and 90210 too especially the new version with Matt Lanter in it.
    And the dog is funny. I have one my self, a healthy big labrador and he loves to bath.
    I am new to blogger. My blog mostly focus on my thoughts and things that happened around me.
    i would love to follow each other's blog and keep in touch, make a new blog friends and family.
    However, I am following you already.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


    1. Thanks Sarah, great to meet you! I haven't seen Arrow yet, but it's on my list. I'm going to have to come check out your pup, he sounds adorable!

  2. oh, i LOVE holiday cards!! but damn, addressed and ready to go with stamps? YOU ARE GOOD. send me one please because all i get are bills bills bills and ain't nobody got time fo' dat. i'll send you one too and we'll be card buddies.

    btw, you and john are so adorable i can't even deal.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. looks like such a fun week and wow to your cards already being addressed! and your pup is too cute. love pics of sleepy doggies.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. I'm obsessed with that necklace I think I need one!

  5. 1. Where is my necklace like that? I need paw prints and snowflakes and other fun stuff in mine! ;)
    2. Walter DEMANDS bath time if he's dirty. He will even cry about it if I don't notice he needs a bath...or if I forget his weekly bath. He's very prissy. Prince Walter, perhaps?
    3. I don't know why I made this a list.
    4. Have a great weekend!

  6. I didn't even know that you could buy Christmas cards this early! Way to be on top of things :)

  7. the most important thing I took away from this post is that I want to somehow find myself in a situation where hot dogs are falling from the sky and I get to eat them. Or meatballs, meatballs would be good too

  8. I was thinking the other day I need to get on my Holiday Cards, especially now that I have blog friends that need them!

  9. I'm jealous! We've been together almost 4 years and I've never even gotten flowers

  10. LOoks like a pretty good month to me!!

  11. Oh girl , I am just loving your Origami necklace . They're just adorable :)

  12. Amazing post! I love it:)

  13. I wish Pippa would demand bath time! She shuts down completely and hates every minute of it.

  14. I love the whole concept of the Origami Owl necklaces. I think I'll need to make one soon!

  15. that locket is gorgeous! totally love. can't believe you have your holiday cards done -- i don't even have my halloween decorations out yet. you're a rockstar!


  16. That is so cute that Hawkeye demands a bath! My dogs won't go anywhere near that thing - I have to physically pick up my 65 lb. pit bull and put him into the bathtub, he hates it so much! And how sweet that he sent you flowers and chocolates! They look Hawkeye yellow to me!

  17. love the necklace. So cute. The text messages are funny.

  18. your organization makes me so jealous and amazing!!! also i like the idea of starting to screenshot convos with my friends to look back on and laugh

  19. The yellow flowers are just stunning and make me SO happy!

  20. I so wanna hang out with Hawkeye. I mean, you too but Hawkeye would be fabulous. =)

  21. That necklace is adorable... and I like your dog in the tub. My cat does that too... and just stares at me... like a fat little snowmankitty.

  22. i thought i was ahead of the game by starting my christmas shopping, but you def have me beat with the cards!

  23. Origami owl necklace, everywhere! I need to get myself one. O EM GEE, these texts are cracking me up!

  24. The Christmas cards are taking it to a whole new level of organization and Type A. Consider me impressed!

  25. Wow - I am impressed, and jealous - I haven't even begun to think about anything Christmas related yet!
    My cat likes to hide in our bathtub and scare me when I walk into the bathroom.. I don't know why but it's like she has weird phases she goes through every once in a while.

  26. 1. Stephanie!!! it's not even Halloween yet!! no Christmas cards!! And I better be getting one ;) 2. You're texts are pretty funny!! Kors likes to come into the bathroom when we are in it for whatever reason, but spade gets terrified on the tub cuz she's tame enough for me to give her a bath

  27. Hawkeye in the tub wins the internet.

    My Christmas cards arrived this week.

  28. I think those Origami Owl necklaces are so neat!!


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