10 Best: Life Lately Moments

1. wedding fun!

my friend from high school, katie, got married last weekend!  slightly awkward since, obviously, that also means she went to high school with john's sister julie and invited her, but like the family party, julie was on excellent behavior (maybe because, also like the family party, she wasn't there long.)  but i had a wonderful time since i sat with one of my besties, sarah, who lives in utah and i don't see often.  that's her wedding in which i was a bridesmaid that my blogger picture is from up in the right corner.  katie made a beautiful bride and the whole thing was just so pretty.  she made great choices about every little detail.  even if i did drink too much and john got sarah's husband wasted incredibly quickly.  at least it made us take some really awesome photo booth shots!

2. and that means photo booth strips get a number all their own.
i'm obsessed with these at every wedding.  sarah gave me a solid 40% of her shutterbooth photos that she believes have my face in them.  i like those odds.  i didn't do quite as many at katie's, but not for lack of effort.

p.s. sarah is checking something off my 101 in 1001 list for me for my birthday - she's getting me makeup brushes!  eek!  thanks girl, love you.

3. blogger meetup coming soon.

betsy and i both have 'take the amtrak somewhere' on our 101 in 1001 lists.  i've never been on one.  we wanted to stay close-ish so it wouldn't be 20 hours on a train and i really wanted it to be a state i haven't been to before because that's another of my 101 goals.  we decided on cleveland because it's a 7 hour train ride (and driving is almost 6 so you'd save like nothing by driving) and cleveland has the rock and roll hall of fame, which is also on betsy's 101 list!  having fun while being productive is my favorite thing.  we're going to plan this for some time early in the new year, hopefully on an extended weekend.  if you're near cleveland and want to join us, let me know!  i'll absolutely keep you updated.

4. 'who me?  no, i did not steal these socks out of the laundry bin.  i would never.'

this little meerkat move is actually my favorite to encourage.  i'm teaching her to follow my hands while she stays like that, so her little paws move to the left and the right.  because guess who's got no thumbs and is wearing a red leather jacket and being michael jackson in the thriller video for halloween next year?  this dog.  you'd be lying if you said she wasn't (a) the cutest ever and (b) going to win every costume contest across the land.

5. john's texts lately.  he's been hilarious, 12 hour days 7 days a week make him loopy.  i can't screen shot them because they are not all internet appropriate.  but two of the best ones managed to make the cut:

(1) i assume he meant jacob and edward, but he's really close.  or, i guess, he would be really close if we were going to see twilight.  but we're going to see catching fire, and he's talking about the hunger games... good thing we watched it wednesday before we go to the theater for the second one.  he actually liked it and wants to see the 2nd movie.

(2) i was dying at this one.  panic much?!

6. i was reading steph's post on forgiveness, which i thought was really great.  in theory.  but i don't really forgive people and i definitely don't forget.  i don't let it bother me, which is a main point in her post - it hurts you more than it hurts them.  but, for me, it doesn't.  i kind of just forget they exist and don't give it a second thought.  and then my perfect motto popped up on pinterest.  this, this is much more accurate to how i live my life.


7. how far in advance is it weird to plan things?  because that's what i've been doing lately.  planning parties that are over a year away.  i decided on a 90s theme 30th birthday party weekend in nashville (november 13-16, 2014) and we've already picked our costumes for halloween next year.  i might be crazy.

8.  i updated my advertise page to include a little service i offer.  blog and social media management.  i know the holiday season is very busy, i know some people have babies on the way or are taking huge vacations.  so take advantage of this unmarried, child-free, travel-phobic girl and hire me (for cheap!) to handle some things in your absence or even just when life gets hectic.  i can respond to comments and e-mails for you, comment on other blogs to keep your name out there, or even keep your twitter and other social media outlets updated.  pretty much anything so your blog doesn't suffer while you take a hiatus (i can post for you too!).  if this is your first time using me or a service like this, pretty please contact me for a discount code so you can try it out!

i just really like being online...

9.  900.  right over there on my sidebar.  i know i know.  numbers don't matter.  no they don't, but the fact that you guys care that much means a lot to me.  thank you.

10. updates to the blog!!  did you notice?  doesn't it look pretty?  it's still the black and white that i prefer, just a little more streamlined.  because i got my posts/ideas more streamlined, so i wanted it to look a little more organized around here.  and make it easier for you to find what you're looking for, hence the categories at the top with the adorable drop down menus!

happy weekend!


  1. Yay Cleveland! Wow I'm not sure anyone has ever said that before ha! Love me some cute Hawkeye. HA oh John totally freaking out a bit in that one love it. : )

  2. I've taken Amtrak a few times since both of my grandmothers loved to take the train. I wish our rail system was more like the ones in Europe. I fell in love with the convenience of the train and would much prefer it to flying if it was more readily available!

  3. um so btw, i'm coming to your 90's themed party. thanks.

  4. that burning bridges quote is hilarious, def need to stop the crazies from following you sometimes :)

  5. I have several costumes on my Amazon wish list cause next year we will dress up again. Plus 30 is BIG, so heck yes a year early planning is nothing! *love this post*

    1. Thank you! 30 is big, I'm glad you don't think I'm crazy :) We decided to be the Sanderson sisters which means we need to thrift our costumes, so we've got to plan ahead!

  6. Awwww you are the sweetest xoxo :) You know I will do anything and everything to help better your blog girl! Like I said the other day..... I can do anything. It's just a matter of time.

    p.s. Don't be deleting shit!!!! LOL

  7. That little meerkat is simply adorable! Mine likes to steal socks too...weirdos. You look gorgeous in those wedding pics!

  8. i LOVE photobooths! whenever there's one at an events, i legit park my ass in there and TAKE ALL THE PICTURES that they often have to boot me out "so other people can have a turn". what a drag. sheesh!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. I've been craving Amtrak lately. I need some of that snack car goodness.

  10. I plan things 85 years in advance too, I say there is no shame in that game. Also, I really just want to hang with hawkeye so bad :)

  11. Loving your new design! I love clean black and white too.

  12. I want a blogger meet up! Those texts are hilarious!!! I love the sock stealing princess. :)

  13. So many things to comment on I'm sure to forget one.

    I want a photo booth in my house, permanently. actually one that travels easily would be better.

    I am planning a vacation for December 2014. One that does not require a year's worth of planning. I am insane.

    I want to meet that meer cat.

    Hurrah for a blogger meet-up!

    #8 is awesome! I don't have the need, but if I do, you are my girl.

    Pinterest motto - perfect.

  14. I am no where near Cleveland... however I would like to join. Put me down on the guest list, please ;)
    P.S. John. Dying, over here my friend... mainly because that's totally something Cory would say to me.
    I also plan things WAY in advance. The fact that I don't have my whole practice schedule for volleyball for the next six months like yesterday, gives me anxiety.

  15. P.S. I'm digging your new design.
    Could I BE anymore annoying with comments on your blog today? Hahah.

  16. Umm...hello! I want to be a part of the Cleveland meet up! Grew up that way and I am only a little over an hour away now :) Keep me posted please :)
    Love the photo booth pics! And those text messages are hilarious!

  17. You looked gorgeous at the wedding! Good luck with your new business!

  18. Can I be nosey and asked what happened with John's sister?

  19. BTW I am loving the new blog design and girl your hair is gorgeous in those pics!

  20. Love the photobooth pics. Riding on the Amtrak sounds like fun I totally want to do that at least once too. The pose is just too precious and for so long too. Haha! I could feel John's panic!

  21. I'm loving the new design! I've been so busy and reading blogs on my phone, I was hoping I hadn't completely just missed that - so I'm glad it's new :) And I also love his mini engagement paranoia!

  22. I laughed outloud at the burning bridges quote. SO TRUE though.

  23. these are all great, and I'm diggin' the 90s theme idea, but number three is by far the best. although there's an italicized part that should be edited out ;)

  24. I love the photo-booth weddings - I'm always sad I didn't do one when I see the fun strips.
    Your dog is adorable. My friend's mom taught hers (which looks an awful lot like yours) to "die" when she shoots it with her fingers - if you wanted ideas for your next trick :)
    New follower - Whit from Raspy Wit

  25. Man, I love the new design! especially the little drop down menus on the top. looks so legit and professional. ;)

  26. So many exciting things!! You look amazing in those wedding pictures!

  27. LOL, the panic proposal text is so funny. I'm not too far from Cleveland, let me know what your plans are when you make them and maybe I can head north!


  28. 3. I'll be in Cleveland over Thanksgiving weekend. I am the BEST girlfriend's mom EVER! Correy needed a ride and I agreed to take him.

    6. I am awesome at holding a grudge. I can do it for forever. I actually didn't speak to my mom the 9 months I was pregnant with Abbey.

    8. OK I need this. I am terrible about posting on twitter and commenting on blogs.

  29. HELLZ yeah!!! Cannot wait! I'm glad I'm still invited even though I'm on a hiatus ;o)

  30. I love Photo Booths! They are great for any event!