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November 4, 2013

oh happy lists.  and blogging.  blogging can absolutely make you want/like things you otherwise wouldn't care about.  and you have to realize that what makes other people happy might not make you happy.  i think i struggled with that longer than i care to admit (in life, not so much in blogging).  for example, people love travel so much and i really wanted to be like that.  so i'd go when people offered vacations, even though in the back of my mind i was dreading the packing and the laundry and the fees and anywhere that involves sand and especially the flying.  it's just not fun for me, so i finally accepted that and now i stick to only essential travel like weddings (although, i'll never say no to vegas!)

after reading rachel's list, i wanted to make one of my own.  complete with photo overload, as a little happiness reminder.  so, leaving out the huge ones on everyone's list like friends and family, what makes me happy?

snow.  i just won't ever be one of those people who retires to florida.  i love snow.  and even in chicago winters, day in day out, trudging to and from work, i still love snow.  i promise, ask me in february, my answer will still be 'can winter please stay?!'  i've always been a snow baby.  i always wanted to be out in it as soon as it snowed, shoveling paths for the dogs and building snow turtles.  only child = no man power for snowmen.  snow turtles are way cooler anyway, especially when mom lets you have the green food coloring.

dogs.  i have no problem admitting i prefer dogs 100% over people.  john never likes my 'who would you save in a fire' answer, but he should really stop asking because it's always hawkeye and always will be.  dogs in general make me happy, not just hawkeye - i'd probably save john's pug, thor, before i'd save john too.  (they need the help, john has legs and a larger lung capacity, he's fine.)  dogs are just so much more loving than people and a bad day is instantly remedied by a trip to the dog park.

dogs in snow?  so. much. winning.
for me.  hrh was as unimpressed as her "this is some shit" face implies.

organizing.  oh you know that would make the list!!  some people who get bored decide to watch tv.  i organize my underwear drawer.  and don't forget to enter to win a whitney english day designer on yesterday's post!

pledge families.  and beer.  i swear being blonde was not a requirement for our pledge family, it just worked out that way.

taco bell.
getting a great deal.
spending the day at the racetrack.
theme parties.  and costumes.

perfectly timed gifs.
list making and goal planning.
opening day.

gummy bears.
sending christmas cards.
apple picking.

the lc line at kohl's.
both kelly and i have long underwear on under these jeans.  never surrender!

what's on your happy list?


  1. Love this post. And I'd totally vote for Phil! :)

  2. Just reading your list made me feel happy!! I love this! :)

  3. Can we just be the same person yet? Geez! We like the same stuff, have the same name, named after the same person...etc etc. :)

  4. So many of your happy things are my happy things, deals, candles, opening day, gifts, pledge families. What sorority were you in? I don't think I've ever read anything else about you being Greek

  5. Ahh. I totally I got autocorrected! GIFs not gifts, ha!

  6. I was actually just thinking today that I need a list of things to do that make me happy - so when I'm feeling low, I can just pick something on there and do it. Instant blog post - thanks for the idea of actually posting my happy list! :)

  7. This is great. Animals in the snow really are the best! I wish my cat would play in the snow with me. I took him outside last year and he freaked out. It was hilarious, but a little sad too. ;)

  8. Yeah...HRH looked pissed about being out in the snow. I'm gonna copy this post just so you know. And of course credit will be be given! Taco Bell is the best. Hands down. And the LC line is cute but my Kohl's is so unorganized that it's hard to even find her clothes. Womp womp.

  9. so much happy in my face on a tuesday morning I LOVE IT. let's see...what makes me happy:

    blogging, the internet, crafting, christmas, my phone, gadgets. my family. not that they're last or anything but it's a given so i thought that maybe i didn't have to say it but i guess i should! LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  10. AHHH! I agree with so many of these!!! Also, from one fellow candle hoarder to another, BBW is doing their 2 for $22 sale. :)

  11. Love your list! Please share some of your preferred winter footwear, snow baby. And also I require a photo of John's pug.

    Today on my happy list:
    shopping online, Dunkin Donuts, friends coming to visit for the weekend, Chloe + Isabel costume jewelry, fun cups, instagram, my lazy dogs who have to be chased out of bed on weekday mornings, email, vests and scarves, nail polish

  12. This is a GREAT list!!! Love it! And the pic of you w/ Hawkeye in the snow. I have GOT to come back to Chicago sometime at Christmas.

  13. I know we've talked about this before, but SNOW. YASSSSS. How can anyone not love living in a snow globe? Free excuse to cuddle and read all day?!

  14. Snow...stupid, stupid snow!!! I am happy that the Diva of your family agrees with me!! I am sooo with you...I am saving Murphy before Travis - however now I will carry Murphy and Maverick out at the same time and Travis better hope he can make it out on his own! LOL

    Now I am having visions of a white sandy beach and breathing in the salty, salty air!!! Ahhhhhh.....

  15. Yes to candles, I am sending Tyson out to get me one right now!

  16. Id save Westley if there were a fire. Poor little baby is dumb he'd probably try to lick it.

  17. If Phil's name isn't on the ballot in 2016, I'm writing him in.
    P.S. I want to come visit you in the winter so I can experience Chicago snow. Our snow is gross. And when we don't get snow, I get bitter. And by bitter, I clearly mean hysterical.

  18. Yes to so many of these (including Duck Dynasty, lol)! I've already bought Christmas cards to send out this year - and I will actually follow through on sending them out! And yes, pets > people.

    jess | Quaintrelle

  19. I love snow too! I could never live somewhere that didn't experience all four seasons...I look forward to and embrace all of them. Especially snow days.

  20. I love your list so much; I audibly cracked up about you saving the dogs before John.

  21. Love your list!! Dogs would be on my list too!! Fellow Pom owner over here!! They make any day better! Taco Bell...are we sisters from another mister?! I have lists on what to put on my lists! :)

  22. those are all such great pics. I would add chocolate to that mix and about 555 various food items but I'm just hungry!

  23. Dogs all the way! I get serious anxiety thinking about what might happen if Pippa were in a fire. I'm always worried about something happening while I'm at work. I've gone home more than once to make sure I turned the stove off/blew out a candle/whatever. I don't know what I'd do if I lost her!

  24. opening day, great deals, dogs, and tailgating - yes! snow, ehh. gummy bears, no.

  25. Love great deals, love tailgating, not the biggest fan of the LC line but just cause I feel like Khols is supposed to be cheap, and it is kinda expensive! Really cute though. I love the cold, not necessarily snow, but for sure the cold!

  26. This is an awesome post! I hate snow and love traveling but I can completely agree on how blogging(and real life) can make you want things that you just think you want

    1. I see so many adorable outfits but I just know they won't work with my body type. But it doesn't make me want them any less!! The girls just look so cute!

  27. Yes to so many of these! I love a good theme party and I will always love tailgating! And dogs... and beer.

  28. You are my true opposite in the whole weather thing because I can't stand being cold... Tonight at Matt's schools football game it was 59 degrees and my ties literally froze... Okay partially froze but point is 59 is too cold!! And snow? No thanks!! Give me sun,sand, and flip flops any day ;) what made me laugh "john has 2 legs and larger lung capacity he's fine" lol!!

  29. This is fantastic! I really need to do this to remind myself of the things I love instead of focusing on what I don't have. I'm a huge fan of snow also, however, here in February its just cold and icy so I'm over winter. If I could have a full winter of snow and no ice, it would be great! I also think dogs are better than people most of the time (which is why I spent the weekend puppy sitting my sister's dog instead of doing anything else). I also love the fall colors (but not raking leaves), a fantastic meal, a nice glass of wine, getting a great deal on something that I have had my eye on for a while...


  30. I love the LC line at Kohls....i just went nuts on a sale last week!!!


  31. I should be sleeping but I'm trolling your blog instead, you know, to get caught up. Dude, are you the funnest ever? I think you might be. I mean, your dog's name is hawk eye? I can't even. Plus the LC line at Kohl's is one of the only reasons I venture into the America. I have her sequin dress from last holiday--in silver and black. I apologize now for commenting the f*ck outta your blog tonight. #sorryimnotsorry


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