Thursday, December 26, 2013

10 Best // Planners for the New Year

1. weekdate ($23) // 2. emily ley ($54) // 3. aridum ($19) // 4. adamjk ($12) // 5. sugar paper ($17) // 6. erin condren ($50) // 7. sarah pinto ($20) // 8. whitney english ($60) // 9. plumpaperdesigns ($31) // 10. 8 days a week ($18)

the 2014 planner.  just try to tell me you haven't been eyeing them, purchasing them, printing them, buying new pens for color coding in anticipation of the new year being the time you'll finally get organized and use that planner regularly.  really this time.

you know i'm planner obsessed.  they are probably one of my most beloved possessions each year, and no, i absolutely cannot accomplish the same thing using my phone.  technology is the devil.  paper planner for life.  i adore my whitney english day designer (#8 pictured), but there's a lot of options out there.  i believe that you get what you pay for.  yes, i've spent anywhere from $5 at target clearance to $65 at whitney english, and i can tell you from decades of experience that the more i spend, the more i use it.  you may be dedicated enough to use the $5 one, but i need all the bells and whistles.  if it's not pretty, i'm constantly looking for (unnecessary) replacements.  now i just start with the pretty (more expensive) ones, and i've never got more use out of a planner than i have with a whitney english and an erin condren.

i've used almost every planner on this list, and they're great.  obviously, i prefer the spiral bound because i like them to lay flat.  i also need them to be large enough to accommodate my messy handwriting and 12.6 million (on average) tasks each month.  it's been a science finding the right ones, honestly.  and sadly, the little envelope sized pocketbooks of years past just aren't cutting it any more.  except the weekdate (#1) because they have a crazy neat set up.  (that i posted about here.)  to be fair, i do write down every. single. thing. because nothing compares to the joy of crossing off completed tasks.

so, what planner are you using in the new year?

oh, and do yourself a favor and throw a scented candle in with your purchase, because you can't forget to relax.  if you take on too many projects, organizational or otherwise, at the start of the new year, you'll just get burnt out and not finish any of them.  pick a few and work your way up.  if you're completely new to getting organized, pick one and work on just that until you've mastered it.  lighting a candle and writing in your planner on sunday night will make getting organized seem bearable, if not downright enjoyable.  just ask stephanie.
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