Monday, December 16, 2013

Tips For Having a Wonderful TBOX

we survived!  tara and i went a full 17 hours of bar crawling and completed all our tasks to successfully go 'wire to wire' at this year's tbox.  we're pretty proud of ourselves.  and although some of these photos belong to tara, bitch never updates her blog so i'm commandeering them.  please enjoy our shenanigans.

our tips for having a wonderful time at tbox:

snow is just a photo prop.

and everything is a photo op.  don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

always pose dramatically with the christmas decor.

find a table and play some games.

cereal shots are definitely a thing.  be aware.  and do one.  or 15.

but shots are not just for cereal.

eat!  don't forget to eat.  probably besides just cereal.  kelli recommends the mac and cheese pizza.

so you can make it to the very end to see your friend's band close out the festivities.

and never forget, it's the one day a year that wearing your pajamas to the bar is not only appropriate, but encouraged.  a onesie is always the perfect costume.

i know we make this look easy, but we train all year.  who's coming with me next year?!  merry tbox!
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