Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Harry Potter (Marathon) Party

so.... yeah.  this happened.  natalie and i marathon watched the harry potter movies.  it started with the idea that we needed to re-watch all of them.  then we decided we'd do it all in one weekend.  which morphed into a party, like "we're going to make all these themed foods and drinks and invite all these people."  we quickly realized we're a tad busy lazy ok fine, we just don't like that many people.  so it went back to the idea of just me and her, watching all 19+ hours of harry potter movies in one sitting.

because adults do that.  i mean, we're adults.  and we did it.  ergo, it's a legitimate thing.  so i highly encourage you to do it as well.  the 8 movies will total you 19 hours and 40 minutes.  this does not accounting for the time it takes to change out dvds and go to the bathroom.  it's quite an endeavor to take on, and i think we would have made it if it wasn't for all that snow and tundra weather.  natalie was at my house, and it would have been very difficult for her to return to her husband if she hadn't left exactly when she did, which was after the 5th movie.  so we had to reschedule the last 3, but i'm alright with it.  it was a valiant effort for one day, and two days just means more time for jello shot house cups.

oh yes, that's what's in those martini glasses.  a cup for each house, just jello and vodka.  served alongside those butterbeer cupcakes i told you about.

(jello shot 'house cups' - berry blue, cranberry, island pinapple, and lime)

just look at them.  if that's wrong, i don't want to be right.  four martini glasses full of jello shots between two people obviously meant drinking games.  we ate a spoon of jello during the 4th movie for every time someone said 'muggle' 'voldemort' or 'tri-wizard tournament.'  10 minutes in we decided it wasn't going fast enough and changed the rules to add 'harry.'  i do not recommend this unless you're really in for the long haul.  as you may imagine, they say harry a lot.  who knew?

and that, my friends, is how you marathon watch the harry potter movies in a very non-kid friendly way.

oh yeah, hawkeye was there too.  she slept the whole time.  except when she woke up to eat our snacks.  her and i are both hufflepuffs, in case you were wondering.  that's what i'd want to be, because they have iowa's colors.  personality-wise, i'm a slytherin, but i don't look good in green.  natalie is a gryffindor.  and the discussion of which house you'd be in is absolutely an appropriate topic of conversation at any age.  it could still happen.
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