Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cocktail Cupcakes // Harry Potter Butterbeer

i first saw the golden snitch cupcake idea here.  with adorable wings and all.  i don't have the patience for wings (sorry.)  so i decided to just make the 'butterbeer' part of it.  with edible gold glitter of course.  alright well ... i decided to make a cheater version.  if you've never had butterbeer (they sell it at the harry potter theme park) it's very very sweet, like a butterscotch flavored cream soda.

well here's my cheater version: for the cakes, mix 1 box yellow cake mix + 12 ounces cream soda.  mix just these two ingredients together and bake for 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees.

for the frosting, i could have made the butterscotch buttercream i made here.  but i honestly was out of time and just grabbed a container of vanilla frosting at the grocery store.  true story.  then i stirred in a couple (3ish) tablespoons of buttershots, the butterscotch schnapps.  just enough to taste it, but not to make it runny.

i frosted my cupcakes and topped them with gold glitter.  and that my friends, is how you make super easy cheater harry potter cupcakes in 20 minutes.  ok, maybe 30, gotta let the cakes cool before frosting them.

adorable, right?!  these are very soft cupcakes, because of the cream soda, so natalie and i opted to eat them with forks to create less mess.  and they were delicious.

makes you want to grab your wand and stun some deatheaters, right?
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