Wednesday, February 26, 2014


beadquest is an annual bead collecting mardi gras themed bar crawl.  it happens to be my favorite of the whole year.  i know it's blasphemy for a tbox regular like myself to prefer any bar crawl over tbox - but it's true.  beadquest is better.

this year i was able to drag john and his brother eric with me.  and by drag, i mean i just mentioned booze and beads and they leapt at the chance to go with me.

the premise of beadquest is that you bar crawl for 9 hours, collecting a different colored and numbered bead each hour at the next bar.  you win things if you collect all nine, like cubs tickets, gift certificates to bars, and mostly, the extreme pride of a job well done.

the actual result of beadquest however, without tara there to remind you to stick to the schedule, is that you get stuck at one bar really early in the afternoon, drunk on giant fishbowls, and forget you're supposed to be on a mission to get beads.  instead you park it at a table and order a giant fishbowl for yourself (because sharing is for suckers), play drinking card games, and completely forget to eat food or drink water because duh the ice in your fishbowl is water.

don't worry, i paid for this decision on sunday.  i really need to start remembering 'blue is bad' when it comes to ordering drinks but i cannot help myself.  i mean, it came with a giant sparkler for crying out loud.  i needed it.  did i need it at 3 in the afternoon?  probably not.

but it is mardi gras, after all!  who needs new orleans anyway?
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