Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cocktail Cupcakes // Get Lucky

"it's the holiday of my people!"  "you're not irish?"  "binge drinkers." - how i met your mother

i'm a lover of all holidays, because i'll never miss an opportunity to dress, drink, and eat in theme, but i'd definitely consider st. patrick's day a favorite.  i usually make irish car bomb cupcakes.  always a crowd pleaser, trust me.  this year i wanted to try something a bit different but still (of course) in theme.

enter: lucky charms cupcakes.  this is an incredibly quick and easy recipe, because i'm sure you're celebrating this weekend like i am and need to get them done fast, right?

i used 1 box of white cake mix.  so much easier than making it from scratch, i have to say.  i just made it according to the directions on the box, but i added in 1 cup of crushed up lucky charms cereal.  it just makes the cupcakes a little crunchy/more fun.

but the real fun is in the marshmallow vodka frosting.  cream 1 cup room temperature butter until it's fluffy.  add in one 7 ounce jar of marshmallow creme (yes, the fluff of your childhood) and whip it for about 2 minutes.  slowly beat in 2 cups powdered sugar and once that's mixed in, add 1 teaspoon vanilla and 3 tablespoons of marshmallow vodka.  add some green food coloring to really get in the holiday spirit and top with the marshmallows (colored sidewalk chalk?) in the box of lucky charms!  easy, fast, festive.  yes, i realize my frosting looks blue.  i assure you, it's green.  it's just that the lucky charms shamrock marshmallows from their special edition box are neon.

see? neon.

they're pretty sweet but also throughly delicious.  magically delicious.  whatever.  enjoy!  and check out more st. patrick's day goodies with kristin.
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