10 Best // Ways To Avoid People

netflix:  i just love low budget so horrible they're good sci-fi movies.  thankfully, netflix has a lot of these.  i made john watch tucker and dale versus evil, but he hated it.  he's wrong.  as always, i also highly recommend strippers versus werewolves.

laugh:  laugh, commiserate, nod in agreement, just don't be one of these people.

blogging:  i saw jess blog and use mean girls gifs, so i blogged and used mean girls gifs.

reading:  are you really as introspective as you think you are?

shopping:  i think everyone has their personal store, the one they turn to for most of their wardrobe.  or at least the first place you check when you're shopping because you know it's your style.  personally, mine is the loft.  it probably helps that everything is constantly on sale.  currently it sits at 40% off and it's making my spending freeze month tough!!  what's 'your' store?

cooking:  get prepped for the week or even further ahead by making freezer meals.

declutter:  easter is on sunday, if you celebrate that sort of thing.  i do, my mom still gives me an easter basket.  she always puts a toothbrush in it (a good reminder that i don't change my toothbrush often enough) and it means i can get rid of the old one.  she also likes to include other non-candy type treats so if you know some of that stuff is coming your way or you have kids getting new toys, declutter and make room for the new stuff.

diy:  speaking of easter, if you're still getting a basket together, why not make one for the guy in your life?  because this is an awesome idea.  heck, i want it.  make it for me.

pinterest:  what have you been pinning lately?  i've been on my celebrate board, which incorporates all things holiday.  like the easter basket and yes, already pinning things related to christmas, because...

my personal favorite, swagbucks:  i'm on a mission to pay for christmas solely in swagbucks dollars.  obviously you need to weigh how much your time is worth, but all i've done is play through some videos on my computer and phone, and i got $35 to amazon in 1 week.  i'm also using them as my new search engine.  easy peasy.  if you're staying in anyway, might as well make some money.  (the links are my referral links, use the code NotPerfect to get an extra 70 points when you sign up.)  a little idea on how easy it is - you can get 150 points for videos on the computer and 50 on your phone per day.  200 points a day.  450 points is a $5 amazon gift card.  whatcha waiting for?

*you might have noticed that i haven't been around this week.  well, jess was, on monday.  but i've just been in a really unmotivated mood lately, about everything.  and even though i had the posts mostly done, i didn't even feel like editing them nor addressing comments so i just skipped posting this week.  i don't really feel like addressing comments today either, so they're turned off.  just enjoy the weekend and your time away from people!

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