Swagbucks Saturday

no, i won't post about it every saturday... i'm a little lazy for that.  but after this post, i got a lot of questions about swagbucks.  currently, i stand at $100 to amazon earned in 20 days.  so yeah, that's pretty cool.  i plan on using that money for christmas gifts (uhhh sorry friends who read, pretend to be surprised when you get your amazon gift card, k, thanks) so i have 6 christmas gifts totally done.  is it crazy to start planning for christmas in april?  i suppose, but crazy and debt free?  i'll take it, any day!

a lot of people have asked how i get my points each day.  (be aware, referral links follow!)  first of all, sign up using this link and enter the promo code NotPerfect and you'll get 70 points just to get started.  once you finish filling out your initial profile, you get 30 more.  so that's 100 points right there. (450 points is a $5 amazon card, other $5 cards are 500 points.)  here's 10 ways i earn each day:

1. swagbucks is essentially a search engine.  you get anywhere from 6 to 20 points when you search.  it's random when you get rewarded, i say i do about 15 to 20 searches and then get awarded 7 points, sometimes 12, twice or three times a day.  fridays are extra point days, i got 49 points once off one search on a friday.

2. the swagbucks tv mobile app.  you can play short videos on your phone (make sure you do it over wi-fi so you don't eat up your data plan) for 50 points a day.  it's by far the easiest and quickest way to get 50 points each day.  if you did nothing else, you'd get a $5 amazon card in 9 days.

3. watching videos online.  you can get up to 150 points a day doing this.  you get 3 points every 10 videos, there's a tracker on top that let's you know how far along you are.  getting to the 150 takes some effort, as you need to watch at least 30 seconds (usually the ad in the beginning) of each video before you can move on.  that's a lot of time, so you probably won't reach 150 every day.  but i play them while i do things like pay bills and sort the mail.  multitasking, baby.

4. do the daily tasks.  you'll see those on the left hand side.  take the daily poll (takes 10 seconds) and you get 1 point, so 30 points each month easy.  there's also the noso (no obligation special offers) to click through, just click skip if you don't like anything, enter the code at the end, get 2 points.  maybe 20 or 30 seconds.  so yeah, that's 90 points each month for 45 seconds of your time.  if you install the toolbar or the google chrome extension, it's another 1 point each day.

5. play the games.  it's stuff like memory, nothing complicated.  you get 2 points awarded every 2 games, up to 10 points.  you don't have to be any good - there's one where you make your dinosaur jump gaps so he doesn't fall off the cliff.  my keyboard got stuck so my dino died instantly.  i still got the points!

6. shopping.  you can get points back on a ton of online shopping, including amazon, walmart, macys.  i mean, don't buy things just to get points!  but if you're already shopping, might as well get rewarded, right?  there's also special shopping deals when you can earn extra points.  like, if you're planning on ordering flowers for your mom for mother's day, do it through swagbucks and get 750 points.  ($7.50, essentially)

7. surveys.  there's a survey dashboard, so you can fill out your info and hopefully get surveys you qualify for.  but even if you don't qualify, you can get 5 points a day just getting disqualified.  it's pretty funny!  i say i end up qualifying for and taking 1 out of every 10 to 15 surveys i try for. (i always try for the ones that are at least 100 points!)

8. swag codes.  they post codes for points every day, at least worth 2 points, sometimes more.  always 1 per day, sometimes more and 4 on thursdays with trivia on twitter.  if you have the toolbar/chrome extension installed, it alerts you when there's a new code.  swagbucks has a blog, a facebook, and a twitter, that's where the codes get posted.  this coming monday is a 'swagbucks extravaganza' which means there's going to be a ton of codes all day and extra prizes and such so it's a good time to sign up!

9. encrave.  similar to watching the videos, encrave is either little clips or articles and you vote 'like it' or 'not for me' on each one.  points for clicking around the internet, usually entertainment/celeb news type stuff.

10. special offers and coupons.  first of all, if you're a couponer, you can get 10 points for each coupon you print and use.  it's the same coupons you'd find at coupons.com.  second, the front page and also under the special offers tab are all sorts of little things that you could get extra points for.  some are huge - like 800 points for ordering a free julep maven box.  there's a lot of other smaller ones too, like trying a game on facebook or downloading and trying (free) phone apps.

obviously, you can see that you can spend however much time makes it worth it for you.  some days i only have the time to do quick searches, other days i'm home watching tv for an hour and i can click through some videos or take a survey.  so, are you on swagbucks yet?  what do you do to earn points?


  1. I really need to get back into using it. I was so good at it before and now I just go direct to sites or Google.

  2. I've heard of this but thought it was too good to be true, although, I've had great success with ebates in the past, which also sounded too good to be true :)

  3. I'm already doing a lot of these things so yay me. My office blocked the videos and games unfortunately. As for the swag codes, there's a site that will send you an email every time a new one is available. It's at sbcodez.com. That's definitely helped me.

    And after reading this I'm kicking myself. I ordered my $70 Polar watch from Amazon.... And not through swagbucks. #fail

  4. I signed up for it. I just haven't done much with it yet.

  5. fyi - there is also Entertainow - mobile which is good for another 50 on mobile!

  6. yay! i looove SB, i'm kinda jealous you have such a big referral code though! i just have the normal one, maybe i should contact them, it'd be nice to work together and get more referrals, i've had about 10 people sign up via me

  7. I have been a SB machine this weekend - I downloaded the mobile tv app on my phone and have been playing videos while I do housework. I also did the Julep Maven free box offer which was 340 SB. I did have to spend 2.99 on shipping for the box but it was something I had looked at for awhile and figured that wasn't too much to spend - plus the bonus of SB! I earned $15 in gift cards this weekend :)

    1. Aww man I just realized I clicked on a different Julep Maven offer, not the one on the main page - coulda got 800 swagbucks instead of 340. Boo :(

  8. I totally need to use mine more. Especially the mobile thin, that's so easy.

  9. Yes! The first time you posted about it I signed up. Now all my friends do it while they're at work. I'm obsessed.

  10. I need to use mine more! I did it the day you mentioned it and forgot about it. FAIL! I need free money too!

  11. YEP! LOVE Swagbucks!! It's my goal to have enough for an Amazon giftcard that will cover most (if not all!) of our Christmas shopping this year!

  12. Seriously? I am on Swagbucks and always forget to go there to search, etc. I need to get to it!!! Thanks for the reminder!

  13. I wish I hadn't signed up already- I couldn't use your referral :(

  14. I don't spend much time on Swagbucks--honestly, I forgot I had it for a bit, but thanks for the reminder to get back in it. I've acquired 500 points since starting my account, so hey, that's $5!

  15. ok, i just signed up and so far, loving it. i needs me some gift cards pronto!! thanks for the reco!

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