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10 Best // Life Lately

1. concert!  john got us tickets to the jason aldean concert, with florida georgia line opening.  he is not a fan of country at all, so it was pretty awesome of him.  i've made him a florida geogia line fan though, for sure.  or he just liked how much they were drinking on stage.  he was jealous.

2. sharknado 2!  i loved the first one so we had a viewing party for the second, and it was everything i hoped it would be and more.  i'm so ready for the 3rd one.  i'm going to make a tara reid costume.  hawkeye's going to be a shark, naturally.  actually, there's a good chance i won't be able to wait til the 3rd movie and i'll have to do it for halloween, even though john is dead set on being dexter and megan, tara and i are going to be the sanderson sisters.  2 halloween parties are needed, clearly.

3. nascar, of course, was a huge highlight of the last month.

4. my surprise delivery that accompanied the concert tickets, my beautiful flowers.  (pro flowers must love him, i know i do.)

5. cleaning and organizing.  i am loving my packing system.  everything is so detailed, it makes me happy.  and it gives me a little organizing project to work on each night and since i'm weird, i love that.

6. the challenge is on.  i'll be posting at the end of the month with a theme for september and a new button!

7. this text conversation with tara.

8. nashville planning.  i'm heading there in nashville for my 30th birthday and my best friend sarah got the hotels all booked with her sweet government discount.  thank you sarah!  it seemed so far away before but now i'm really getting excited.

9. in other vacation planning news, john and i are planning on vegas next year, probably end of april.  he's never been.  i've been approximately 300 times.  ok fine, like 15 times.  same thing.  i'm very excited, even though i'm not sure who's going to get us there, since we both hate flying and have to be practically incoherent to even get on a plane.  should be interesting...

10. hawkeye.  she has commandeered one of john's shirts and i'm certain he is never ever getting it back.  every time i reach for it, even to move it slightly, she rips it away from me and runs off.  she misses him when he's not here.


  1. I've never ever thought to get my dog taco bell. But it's brilliant. I need to now.

  2. Look like your guy is a keeper! FGL tickets AND flowers? Dammnn

  3. surprise concert and surprise flowers?! wow. although I don't know that I could stand seeing FGL... eek don't hate me.

  4. Awww how sweet of John, no wonder Hawkeye misses him.

  5. Hawkeye is way too freaking adorable! That's exciting for Vegas next year! I looove Vegas. K & and were planning to go in November but some unexpected family stuff came up so now we are going early September!

    1. Aw have fun!! I'm definitely excited, I love it there!

  6. i think it's adorable that he asks if hawkeye wants any taco bell!! he's definitely a keeper :)

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Sharknado is so dumb that it's SO good. Love Ian Ziering!

    And John is fa sho a keeper. Even though that band sucks to ME, it's still super sweet of him to do that for you.

  8. Hawkeye and the shirt, I cannot even take it. True love.

    You should assemble a Sharknado Halloween crew. I loved it. I want #3.

    Tara's text is hilarious.

  9. Nashville will be the perfect place to celebrate your birthday!!! And you'll be close to me! :)

  10. Yayyy for birthday fun!

    You will need to recruit a designated flyer to get you guys to Vegas and back. Like a DD but on a plane. :)

  11. Sharknado was so good. I NEED to see the second one. Also, that text convo is AWESOME!

  12. Lol your bf is super sweet :) Those flowers are gorgeous.. I'm going to Vegas for the first time in September and I'm super excited!! OoO I have a challenge for myself, I want to join! I don't do link ups but ones iwth purpose I consider. :) tehehe.. You and John are a super cute couple! Have a great one Stephanie! -Iva

  13. Already jealous about Nashville- it is so high on my list of places I want to visit. And love Florida Georgia Line!!

  14. Awwwwwww Hawkeye with that shirt is too stinking cute and sweet! I love it!

    I love FL GA line! What an awesome surprise!

    Nashville and Vegas sound fun!! I have been to Nashville twice (it is only 3 hours from here) but never Vegas!

    That text is cracking me up. Good friends offer to pick up food for your dog!

    I have not seen Sharknado. Perhaps I need to? What's it about?

  15. So jealous of your concert experience! Nashville and Vegas, go you! Nashville is on my list. Ewwww Taco Bell that is just wrong. Hawkeye is just too cute and good sign for John.

  16. Were they in the Taco Bell bathroom making it smell nice? That's even weirder. And I need to make birthday plans. I am so not good at thinking ahead!

  17. It's so sweet that you got tickets and flowers, sounds like it was a great time! You'll have so much fun in Nashville, I love that place :) Hawkeye is the cutest!

  18. I NEED to go to Vegas - I have never been, its one my "list"
    haha Hawkeye with her own taco - - Roxy is on a kind of hold on human food and she hates us right about now - but we need to make sure her liver enzymes go back down to normal for the next check up in October.

  19. I've still never seen any Sharknados! What did you think about Jason Aldean? I saw him & FLAGALine a little over a week ago. It was the 3rd time I'd seen him & I just wasn't fact I walked out early.

  20. What a great guy to surprise you with flowers AND tickets!

    I really need to see Sharknado...

  21. I've only ever received flowers once, never been to Vegas and haven't seen sharknado but I did see a meme advertising Shih Tzunami which I would absolutely watch. I'm starting to think I am really boring.

  22. Hawkeye and the shirt is just too cute!! Sounds like some great plans ahead and what a sweet man you that!

  23. Oh my gosh, that last picture is freaking adorable!


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