Swagbucks Saturday - An Easy $40 a Month

if you haven't already, get signed up for swagbucks!  you get extra points when you sign up when you use my referral link.  i'm earning at least $100 each month and i often get asked how many earnings are so high.  i've posted a couple of times about the things i do but i really feel like the most rewarding, quickest, and laziest way to earn the swagbucks is by using your phone.

the set it and forget it way to get an easy 140 points each day ($40 a month if you're consistent):

download the video watching apps to your phone.
these are called swagbuckstv and entertainow.

find some short videos. 
on swagbuckstv - check under home and garden.  anything that says 10 sec tip, actually is, in fact, 10 seconds.  maybe 11.
on entertainow - there's many that are about 16 seconds.  try checking under tv spots.  always sunny, les mis, the boondocks, mad men, and american horror story are all 16 seconds and there's probably more.

add them to your favorites.
swipe to the left to add it to your favorites.  

play only your favorites list each day.
when you go to play videos each day, go to your favorites list.  it'll play those on repeat, even if it's just one video.  check it every so often to make sure it's not frozen on an ad, which can happen if you're in a spotty wi-fi area, but otherwise, it should play through just fine - and much more quickly than if you set it to a random playlist full of 5 minute videos!

swagbuckstv gives you 50 points each day and entertainow gives you 90.  even if you did nothing else on the swagbucks website, you'd be earning $5 every 4 days, which is $40 each month.  i do this at times when i'm not using my phone - while i watch tv, in the shower, during dinner.  since you don't need to keep an eye on it and can mute everything (just an occasional check to make sure it's not frozen or already finished up for the day) i can even keep it in my bag/plugged into the charger at work and let it play on silent.

free $40?  don't mind if i do.

p.s. you can cash in swagbucks for any number of e-gift cards, in any amount as low as $5.  amazon, target, starbucks, etc.  even paypal, though the minimum there is $25.


  1. I love Swagbucks! I do the tv thing all the time on my phone, or on my laptop while I'm reading blogs. I just mute everything.

  2. Okay so maybe I've just been living under a rock, but I've never heard of Swagbucks. It seems too good to be true, there must be a catch. Do you have to declare it on your taxes at the end of the year as income or something?

  3. i tried using this and then lost track! at first i was all, yeah, if steph can earn $x.xx/month, then SO CAN I! and i tried for a few weeks but then forgot about it :( maybe i should restart again because i love free money!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I have it. Use it for a few days then forget about it. I have it downloaded to my phone too. I just need to be better about it.

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  6. Ugh too bad I cant do this from where I am. Such a cool idea!

  7. I downloaded it, but sitting through the videos felt like torture. I'm going to try saving it to favorites and just letting it play.

  8. I just used my first gift certificate and it was glorious! I didn't know about the favorites. Did figure out that it will just play on your phone. Kevin thinks I'm nuts sometimes when I have my phone going and I'm clicking back and forth on my computer haha. He won't be laughing when I redeem that $100 Target one this week!

  9. I don't have the patience for all the surveys and the like. Maybe this would be better :)

  10. fabulous. i have signed up for swagbucks before but i always forget about it. downloading both apps now.

  11. I just discovered that app last week! I am loving it! I almost have my first $25 just from doing the daily tasks on the website and joining Julep! I love Swagbucks and so glad you introduced me!

  12. What is this!? I've never heard of it... going check out the website now. Free money? Sure why not!? Thanks for sharing!

  13. Ok, this one was a new trick to me. I deleted Swagbuckstv because it never worked at my old job (froze) but now that I'm in wifi all day I just re-installed it! I'm at around 3500 points to date and plan on cashing them in for the holidays.

  14. Thanks for the tips! I've installed SwagBucks a couple of months ago but thought it was so hard collecting enough points to redeem anything. Thanks again, definitely will be trying the two video apps!

    1. Stick around! I'll be posting some time next week about how I get $100 each month!