This One Time, My Cousin Ran Over His Brother...

i think it was shortly after this photo was taken. the little one next to me got in to drive and ran over his twin brother, who was lying on the ground, probably playing with sidewalk chalk.  he was fine, he just had tire marks on him for a couple of weeks.  (remember earl?  no one should be surprised we run each other over with toy trucks.)

and that is where my head's been at these days.  too many things to do and plan and think about that my mind feels like someone ran it over with a truck.  not a big truck though, just a toy truck like that one up there.  have i mentioned how much i dislike summer?  my brain doesn't function.  and all i really wanted to do today was post a photo of baby stephanie driving.

which i realize i could have done on instagram and saved you all a blog post, but hey, i'm a rebel.  i also turned off comments.  living on the edge here.

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