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September 11, 2014

1. kelli and ryan got married!  such a beautiful and fun wedding.  i even instagramed the food.  #schoonchalk.

2. and, so did rory and lacey.  yes, 2 weddings, 1 weekend.  2 open bars.  it was as rough as you'd imagine.  but alas, all those photos are on john's mom's phone.  oh well, one day.

3. fitness - are you participating in the create your own challenge this month?  the month's theme is fitness and it's never too late to join in.  we want to hear all about your goals and how you did come october 2.  for me, i'm getting used to the walk to the train to get to work and all the stairs involved.  even after just one week i can tell a difference.

4. i'm almost unpacked.  which is pretty good considering that i had to dump all my stuff on moving day and head straight to labor day family gatherings and then this past weekend had 2 weddings.  the only thing left really is my folded clothes.  the closet has a built in dresser, but i want to clean it well and then put drawer liners in.

5. cool weather has arrived in chicago.  you know my deep love of winter and not so secret hatred for summer.  not that 52 degrees is winter but it's inching ever closer and i'm thrilled.  bring me snow.

6. gotta love my mom.  she's got jokes.

7. i miiiight be procrastinating the last of the unpacking.  whatever.  netflix.  and pinterest.  i like to mass delete things that either have broken links or that i'm no longer interested in.  and then i pin 40 things to make up for everything i deleted.  man, i love that site.

8. more free money.  i earn lots of swagbucks ($660 since mid-april of this year) and i just starting doing bing rewards.  you get a lot of bonus sign up points and then you can run some searches for points, so you're pretty much at $5 for amazon within the first two days.  i spend about 30 seconds on there each day, doing the various steps they outline, and i've already cashed in, i think, $13 for amazon.  for 5 minutes of work?  i'll take it.

9. guess i should blog more often than just on fridays.  whoops.  this past week just got away from me.  i do think things are finally slowing down a bit though, which is really nice.  and welcome.  so perhaps i can blog more than once a week!

10. 'cause this is thriller


  1. Swagbucks? I might have to check that out! Thanks for sharing.

    I take the stairs at home and at work so hope that makes a difference LOL.

    Cute doggie!!

  2. Hawkey for the win.

    I'm bummed, it was 90 last week in Chicago when I was there, I wanted there to be cooler weather! Go figure the moment I got on my plane back to the east coast, BOOM, fall weather. LOVED Chicago, trying to convince Steve we need to move there (have even looked at apartments!)
    You are a Swagbuck earning fool! I LOVE it!
    Happy weekend, hope you can finish unpacking <3

  3. First... the comment above that congratulates you on your marriage... insert rofl emoji riiiiiiiiiiiight here....

    I miss you! I know you are busy and all... but I seriously miss my Scorpio sister and our talks. Hurry up and finish your shit so we can talk!

    I always delete pins/pin boards and then re-pin and create new boards all. the. time.

    And bring on the cold(er) weather. I am fucking READY!

  4. OMG I love dancing Hawkeye! You are a pinterest minimalist. I'm shocked (since you love it so) but at the same time, not at all surprised.

  5. Hawkeye is always the best part of this list.

    I was merciless on half of my summer wardrobe this week. Drawers are next. Also upgrading certain items and when I bring them home putting the old item in the donation pile. Loving it.

  6. hahahah hawkeye doing thriller. love it.

    it's cold as F here too...as in i had to put on long pants and SOCKS to drop kayla off today. also, in alberta, there's a SNOWSTORM going on. wtf.

  7. #5 - yes. WINTER PLEASE!!! And, #10 - awesome photo!

  8. You totally rock the Swabucks. I can't get hooked- will need to try again!

    2 weddings in 1 weekend is nuts- glad you survived!

  9. I'm always so impressed with your swagbucks and big rewards. you are a smart cookie. 2 wedding sin one weekend?! that is a lot.

  10. Wow - checking out this swagbucks thing ASAP. Have a great weekend!

  11. Look at you go on swagbucks. i am trying to figure it out. This weekend will be a cleaning spree, and house projects. Hoping to really make a dent in getting rid of a lot of stuff. Thriller, awww Hawkeye. Too cute. P.S. Seamus says Hello!

  12. I've had a pinterest account for a long time and would occasionally pin things here and there, but this week I got addicted. ADDICTED! I've been pinning WHILE netflixing and that is just a whole other level of crazy.

  13. Thriller dog! got the moves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I am going to have to try this Bing thing you speak of because I am totally about ready to earn my first $25 with Swabbucks! I love gift cards!

  14. 2 weddings in one weekend is a lot! I'm glad that both went well, though. :)

  15. YES to the cooler weather! It's been in the 60's the past couple days here and I love it!

  16. I'm not doing much better. I think I am blogging twice a week.

  17. haha Hawkeye wins this post ... also I dont like winter but Im really jealous of your fall temps right now. I have steady 90 degree weather these days :(

  18. I'm so with you on the winter! We don't get true winter here, but I am so glad we had a cold front this weekend and it should be 100 degrees anymore this year!

  19. Yay for cool weather! I am very jealous. Hawkeye looks adorable as always.

  20. hawkeye FOR THE WIN.
    she's my hero.


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