10 Best // Ways to Avoid People

October 23, 2014

1. netflix.  what are you watching?  if it's not gilmore girls (again. and again.) you're missing out.  i love it!  it brings back good memories of watching all the seasons with my mom.  but i've also been re-watching my fave, my boys.  and just started the killing after all your recommendations about it.

2. it's breast cancer awareness month.  check out this post on the scar project.

3. bake.  snickerdoodle apple cobbler.  wait, what?  yes.  do it.

4. sign up for free things my birthday is next month and i cannot wait for all my freebies to start rolling in.  if you're not eating and drinking for free during your birth month, you're doing it wrong.  sign up now!

5. get some blog work done.  like branding.  business cards anyone?

6. save.  a lot of people want to know how i spend so little on groceries.  (i'll post more about it soon.)  but start with this list of cheap but healthy foods.  personally, my prices are even lower than what's listed.

7. read. a great post by kristyn on changing, and accepting the person you are now.  (also, look how pretty she is in her wedding dress!)

8. laugh. here's some commandments you might have missed.  good thing i caught that one about boiling kids, gotta change my weekend plans.

9. plan.  the holiday season is coming people.  i know you don't like to think about it until after thanksgiving, but planning ahead can keep you from whipping out that credit card in december.  (and while we're on the subject of christmas, how cute is this?)

10. win.  and earn.  get on swagbucks and get entered in the giveaway!

happy friday!


  1. yes! just started rewatching gilmore girls this week and im loving it!!

  2. Can you believe I've seriously never watched Gilmore Girls?? No joke!! I'm enjoying watching it now, though :)

  3. Yes to Gilmore Girls!! I've seen it all many many times and yet it never gets old!
    That recipe looks amazing....
    I just favorited your Etsy Shop :) Check out mine? AlexandraAnne27
    Also, I just love the title of this post; I love people but I often need to just hide in my lair (home) and Netflix it up. And blog of course! ;)

  4. I am going to try and get some Netflix time in but I am watching Friday Night Lights. Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler say what?! Yum!

  5. Gilmore Girls and My boys are both favorites. I was really upset when my boys went off the air.

    I wish I was this good at avoiding people!

  6. girl, all my friends are mad that I'm not out bar hopping with them to watch the Royals win the World Series. Me and boo thang are making (healthier) food at home and drinking cheap booze all the while sitting on our couch. #winning

  7. I've been watching Grimm and Once Upon A Time on Netflix. The Following is really good!

  8. I hope to get some blog work done this weekend, I have not blogged in almost a freaking month.

  9. I need to get a lot of drafts going, I have too many ideas on paper and not enough in print. I also need to finish some of the 53 things currently in draft. Some are so old it's crazy.

    I knocked off four Christmas gifts using reward points yesterday. Boom.

  10. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on The Killing!

  11. You've read my tweets. It's currently Gilmore Girls ALL THE TIME. I want to live in Stars Hollow.

  12. I'm rewatching Gilmore Girls too. I'm at the episode where Lorelei is picking out veils for her wedding to Max. :)

  13. Netflix + Gilmore Girls = Never have to see humans ever again ;-)

  14. I could spend HOURS planning and watching Netflix. It's a problem.

  15. I love this post! This would be a perfect list of things to do during my few weeks of school break.

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

    1. Thanks Krista, glad you liked it! Jealous of your break, enjoy!

  16. gilmore girls is so so good!

  17. I was just thinking that I need to START my Christmas shopping. I hate waiting until the last minute... it stresses me out so bad. But I haven't bought anything for it yet!

  18. I want to watch Gilmore Girls again but I have a feeling that my husband is totally against that haha! And I am going to pretend I didnt even see that snickdoodle cobbler thing omg! Yum!

    I need to get planning on Christmas. I have all my lists put together and a game plan on how to accomplish most of it. So that is something, right? Also, the joint gifts that my sister and I buy for some of our family is half way done so there is that.

    I need to get some more blog drafts going. I have been horrible lately. Just horrible!

  19. I'm loving watching gilmore girls, and actually the one we watched today I didn't remember AT ALL, so that was kind of fun!
    I already have one person done and one almost done for Christmas - plus a few others already bought some things for, just not done ;)


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