10 [Non] Spooky Facts About Halloween

happy halloween!  personally, i can't wait to get this party started.  we're dressing as the sanderson sisters tonight and i'm excited to celebrate.  i'm a big fan of the celebrating portion of the holiday, though i've graduated from marshmallow filled chocolates to marshmallow vodka.  anyone wondering where halloween comes from?  i have the answer today.  and more facts.  well not me personally, but iva did all the research for me to share.  i'll turn it over now to the queen of fact finding, iva of why i'm cray.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN and welcome Not Entirely Perfect readers! In the spirit of Halloween I deemed it necessary to explore the background of this sweet holiday. Known as ‘All Hallows' Eve’, Halloween can be traced back about 2,000 years to a pre-Christian Celtic festival held around November 1st called Samhain (pronounced "sah-win"), which means "summer's end” [source].

From what records have indicated it was an annual meeting at the end of the harvest year, a time to gather resources for the winter months and bring animals back from the pastures. A time of communing with the dead, according to folklorist John Santino. It was a widespread belief that it was the day spirits of the dead would cross over; it also provides a safe way to play with the concept of death.

Per History Professor at York University, Nicolas Rogers, "According to the ancient sagas, Samhain was the time when tribal peoples paid tribute to their conquerors and when the sidh [ancient mounds] might reveal the magnificent palaces of the gods of the underworld," Rogers wrote. Samhain was less about death or evil than about the changing of seasons and preparing for the dormancy (and rebirth) of nature as summer turned to winter, he said.

With that said, here are 10 [Non]Spooky Facts About Halloween: 

1. Samhainophobia - the fear of Halloween

2. Trick Or Treating may have come from a 1000 year old English tradition where children would go door to door with something called soul cakes, they would sing and hand these to members in their community.

3. Turnips and Beets were some of the original vegetables carved into Jack-O-Lanturns but in the America’s pumpkin is much more common spreading their popularity.

4. The largest pumpkin in the world was harvested in California and weighed 2, 032 pounds.

5. From 1863 to 1936 Pumpkin was used (unsuccessfully so) as a way to treat a variety of health ailments.

6. 90% of a pumpkin is water

7. Candy Corn used to be called Chicken Feed

8. October 30th is National Candy Corn Day

9. Finding a spider on Halloween is considered good luck, it is thought to be a representation of your reincarnated buddies.

10. Silly String is banned in LA on Halloween due to the major cause of property damage it has caused.

These were featured facts from a Mental Floss video - John Green explains it more eloquently so if you have a few minutes you are welcome and encouraged to watch it below:


Halloween ain’t my jam but I do appreciate a great set of facts. if you’re out celebrating be sure to do so safely and share photos of your costume! I’m not one that enjoys being afraid, or unnecessarily activating my amygdala for that matter, so while you are visiting haunted houses, I’ll keep my happy arse home with a glass of whiskey watching Golden Girls because I’m a wimp and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

What are your Halloween Plans?  Do you enjoy being scared?


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