Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A 10 Month Declutter Project

along with my spending frost, the next 10 months are also going to be one long declutter project.  the two tend to go hand in hand.

the goal: get rid of 50% of the things currently in my possession.  (and obviously, to not bring in anything new!)  i have no clue what 50% is going to be, but i plan on keeping count.

(1) if you've never done a giant purge of your stuff before, let me tell you - nothing else in the world makes you quite as mindful of the crap you're buying and bringing into your home.  you have so much you don't need and probably never needed in the first place.  but somehow, it's there.  taking up space, wasting money, causing stress.  the real way to change your habits is to purge this stuff.  it'll make you think twice before shopping ever again!  even better when you keep track or tackle large projects at once (like over a weekend) because you can really see just how much you got rid of that you didn't need.  and then not buy it again.
(2) specifically, i don't like packing and moving shit i don't need.  with 10 months to go before moving (again, seriously, every year. gah.) i want to clear out everything that isn't totally necessary and/or loved.  also, i still have things in my mom's attic.  granted, it's a christmas tree, 2 empty plastic boxes, and 1 box of way too many halloween costumes, but still.  it's there.  sorry mom.  i've massively decluttered my things before, so i'm not expecting giant results but it's important nonetheless.  50% might be unobtainable, but why not?
(3) i like minimalism.  it feels good.  i feel like i win every time i get rid of something.
(4) during a 10 month spending freeze, getting rid of things is much better than going shopping!

anticipated easiest area: my closet.  it's gotta be practically done by now already, i did so good the last time around.  i've got less than 50 hangers and minimal things in drawers.  and i believe only 20 pairs of shoes.  (but friends and parents reading this, if you ever need a gift idea for me, let me give you this one - victoria's secret gift card. the percentage of things in my wardrobe from there would shock you - as in, 100% of my bras, underwear, pajamas, and yoga pants and at least 3 shirts.  so really.  gift me vs, please and thank you.  it'll be put to good use!)

anticipated hardest area: stuff at my mom's house.  it's almost all holiday related, so i have to assess as each holiday comes around.  plus it's tough to get up in the uninsulated attic (always -40 or +102 degrees) and get stuff out and to a donation place, and since it's not in anyone's way, i tend to procrastinate this area.  but, i will be staying there to watch the dogs for 5 days in november, so that should give me some time to really get things done.

area that needs help: kitchen.  i don't even cook that much and when i do, it's easy - cupcakes, things that take 1 or 2 pots, crockpot cooking.  i have gadgets and i don't know why.  i need figure out what i don't use and downsize.

i think i'll do an update once a month on the number of things i've gotten rid of, plus the number in that category that's left.  i.e. tossed 2 pairs of shoes, 16 left.  to help see if i make it to 50%.  i'm actually anticipating being far under 50%, for the sole reason that i've already decluttered so much.  i know i can do more, but 50%?  probably not.  but i want to try.
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