I Swear I Can Be a Good Daughter

October 21, 2014

let me tell you the story about how my mom called to make sure the cartel wasn't sending her drugs.  so, i get this e-mail from bouqs, right?  you've heard of them.  heck yes i want to review some pretty flowers that come from next to a volcano.  how cool.  of course, i can't keep flowers alive.  i thought instead that i'd be all nice and send them to my mom.  i picked a pretty orange lily bouquet option called 'the great pumpkin' because, hey, fall.  filled out all my info and her info on the website (super quick ordering process.)  i figured, since i filled out my name, that it would be seen.  i guess not.  i guess only if you write it in the message area, the one in which i only wrote 'happy halloween!'  

i got them delivered on a wednesday, when my mom would be home.  i got a ship notice, they were delivered on time, all was well.  except - all she read was 'happy halloween' and a shipping address from ecuador.  "ecuador?  who's in ecuador?  did someone send drugs and get the address wrong?  don't they have drug sniffing dogs who suss this out?  how did drug flowers make it to my door?"  my mom isn't always logical.  or maybe i'm just a lame daughter who never sends flowers so it was so totally unbelievable that they could be from me, and not the cartel.

so, my mother called the number associated with the order... my cell phone.  she didn't know it was my number until i answered.  and then still asked me if i was sure i didn't order my flowers with a side of illegal substances.  gotta love it.  but anyway, yeah - moral of this story: (a) sign your name to things.  (b) send your mom flowers more often.  (c) bouqs isn't lying when they say these flowers come from south america, next to a volcano!

according to bouqs, the flowers are grown at the equator, next to a volcano, which is why all your options are so super colorful.  sun and minerals and all that.  i just recommend them for being super pretty and getting delivered actually when i ordered them and not the day before like has happened with other companies on valentines day.  john likes that they have a concierge service, who emails you before important dates to remind you to send flowers.

look at the color.  and detail.  and how healthy they look.  they arrived on a wednesday, these photos were taken on a saturday, and they're still going strong.

and now you know.  so go order pretty flowers.  maybe even for your mom.  but also maybe warn her they're coming.

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  1. This story is hilarious! This made me think a lot of my Mom. :D

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

    1. Moms always provide the best entertainment :)

  2. Hahaha that is amazing. Sounds like something my mom would think!

  3. these flowers are gorgeous! wow! your mom is hilarious. i bet she was relieved when she found out the flowers were actually from you.


  4. Your mom is hilar and those flowers are incredible! What gorgeous color

  5. haha this is awesome. and those flowers seriously are gorgeous!

  6. that is such a funny story. those flowers are beautiful!!

  7. Freaking hilarious that she still asked if drugs were included.

    Great pick, they look gorgeous!

  8. These flowers are so pretty but that story is HILARIOUS!

  9. That's hilarious. I ordered from them. My roses were gorgeous and lasted for WEEKS!

  10. Hahaha! I love your Mom's reaction though I can't blame her with a package from Ecuador. Guess they really are super fresh!

  11. I ordered my mom a bouquet from Bouqs for Mother's Day. They attempted delivery on Saturday, but she wasn't home, so they didn't end up getting delivered until Monday and spent those two days with absolutely no water. They still showed up BEAUTIFUL and SO FRESH.

  12. haha If I sent my mom flowers she wouldn't know what to do.

  13. I'm glad your mom's flowers were a hit- I'm definitely loving Bouqs!

  14. haha poor Mom
    The flowers are beautiful though.

  15. HAHAHAH awesome! I saw this company on Shark Tank, how cool that you got to review them!