Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Epically Decluttered Wardrobe (Update #1)

my 10 month declutter plan has officially begun.  heck not only for me but sunday i'm heading over to my friend's house, to help her make room for her baby coming in february.  for myself though, i decided to start with my closet.  i've been majorly decluttering this area for the past year and got rid of a ton of things before moving, so i figured (correctly) that it was an area that was mostly done and i could check it off the list.  i only found about 60 more things to get rid of (detailed below), but i also wanted to count up what i was keeping.  (1) so i could see exactly what needing replacing and if anything was missing and (2) to keep that number in mind when i determine at the end of all this whether i got close to getting rid of 50% of the stuff in my place.

i've read other blogs on minimalism and closet decluttering, and they give great advice and show impressive numbers on how much they have.  but their numbers often come with an asterisk saying "does not include underwear, socks, workout clothes, pajamas, etc."  well, isn't that part of a wardrobe?  it is to me.  my numbers include all of those things.  every single thing you'd find in my closet and dresser.  even coats and winter accessories.  and jewelry!

the number of things left?  199.  i'm pretty impressed with myself!  here's the breakdown by category: (and tossed means tossed, donated, or sold.)

the clothes
kept my 1 suit.  i probably need more than 1 eventually but my current job just doesn't require it, as i mostly stay out of court.
tops.  tossed 2, kept 27.  i was even surprised that i wear all 27, but i truly do.  and remember, this is for every season, not just fall/winter.
sweaters.  tossed 2, kept 5
cardigans.  tossed 3 4, kept 6 5
tank tops.  tossed 1, kept 5
t shirts.  tossed 1, kept 3
work pants.  tossed 0, kept 3
jeans.  tossed 0, kept 9.  i still think 9 is excessive, but since everything is in good condition, i decided to keep the extras and when one pair gets worn out, i won't replace it.
dresses.  tossed 0, kept 11
skirts.  tossed 2, kept 5
sweatshirts.  tossed 3, kept 1
coats/jackets/blazers.  tossed 2, kept 5

the little things
underwear.  tossed 5, kept 23.  this is probably still excessive but victoria's secret makes cute things and i can't give them up.  underwear in good condition will always be put to use, right?!
bras. tossed 0, kept 10
socks.  tossed 0, kept 10
tights.  tossed 5, kept 2
lingerie.  tossed 2, kept 5
pj/yoga pants.  tossed 3, kept 5
pj/yoga tops.  tossed 0 2, kept 4
workout bottoms.  tossed 1 3, kept 3 1
workout tops.  tossed 1, kept 3
swim suits.  tossed 0, kept 2
robe.  tossed 0, kept 1

shoes.  tossed 7, kept 15 (would shoes go under clothes, or accessories? eh. whatever.)
purses.  tossed 3, kept 10
belts.  tossed 2, kept 3
winter wear.  tossed 3, kept 6
jewelry.  tossed 13, kept 15
sunglasses.  tossed 0, kept 3

total decluttered: 58 66
total kept: 199 198
22.5% 25%

maybe when i get my act together i'll make a spreadsheet or something.  until then, i'm pretty pleased with my list of less than 200 things.  hmm what to tackle next.
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