Attention Black Friday Shoppers: Avoid the January Financial Hangover

i never got into too much credit card debt.  after i paid off my student loans and decided to just get the entire balance paid off my credit card, it only took about 3 months to knock it out.  now that i actually budget each month with a zero based budgeting software, i'm very conscious about what goes on my credit card.

the holidays just throw that out of whack though, don't they?  even when you concentrate on the spirit of the holiday season rather than on the gift giving, there's still so many other costs associated with the month of december - decor, extra and special meals, baking, extra activities, increased electric bills, even extra gas driving around to see your loved ones.  those things add up fast.  and as much as i love all of it (including the gift aspect!), it's just too easy to get caught up and lose sight of the 10 month spending frost that i'm on.  and suffering through a giant credit card bill in january isn't my idea of financial peace of mind.

the january financial hangover is a real thing.  it sets in when that credit card bill comes.  i'm sure you've experienced it before too, and you may have even set new year's resolutions to be better about your finances.  don't start 2015 on the wrong foot, because you'll lose steam in your financial plans, whether that's becoming debt free or saving money.  the best tip i can provide is just to make sure you plan.  christmas comes at the same time every year; it's not an emergency.  so plan for it.  know what you are able to spend and don't put your financial future at risk by losing sight of your goals.  another way to be prepared?  find places where you can make some extra money.

this year, capital one 360 has a black friday sale.  so take a pause from all those retail stores and check out the financial peace of mind you can have come january with all the deals from captital one 360, including new account bonuses, referral bonuses, and closing cost credits.  you can get a $100 bonus for opening a 360 checking account or a 360 savings account.  (both of which have no fees, and earn interest.)  you can get $40 for every person you refer to do the same.  how's that for financial peace of mind in the new year?

not only can you earn money right now, but capital one 360 will save you time and money all year long with their app and automatic savings plan.  do yourself a favor with your new year and get 2015 started off right, by working with a company that will help with your goals and keep finances at the top of your mind this holiday season.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.