Sunday, November 30, 2014

Declutter Update (Update #2)

still chugging along on my declutter project.  actively avoiding my kitchen, so this month i focused on furniture pieces and the stuff in my mom's attic.

not much to get rid of in this category - since i rent, i don't have a lot of furniture.  even less that i would be able to get rid of.  still, there were some things!  and i am trying to keep a full count in all this.

1 queen size bed (frame, mattress, box spring, though i hope to replace the frame when i move)
1 ikea bookcase + 4 black bins that fit in it
2 flat screen tvs 
1 couch
1 coffee table
1 tv stand
1 glass entryway table
3 bar stools
1 glass shelving unit + 5 grey and white baskets that go with it

1 bar cart
2 ikea side tables
4 pink and white baskets
3 plastic storage bins
1 hanging storage unit

total decluttered: 11
total kept: 21

holiday related

1 christmas tree
1 set of christmas decor
1 plastic storage bin

12 halloween costumes
1 set of halloween decor
2 sets of christmas decor
3 plastic storage bins
1 hanging organizer (held wrapping supplies)

total decluttered: 19
total kept: 3

i had a feeling this would be a high number.  i knew i wanted to get rid of most of what was in my mom's attic, keeping only my tree (lighted floor model, bought after christmas on super sale at macy's.  it's gorgeous.  i think it was a $1000 tree, marked down to $200.  5 years ago, still in perfect shape and all the lights work.  i highly recommend getting floor models after christmas if you use artificial trees!), my silver, gray and white crate and barrel ornaments, and the bin to store the ornaments and tree stand in.  next year, john and i will buy new stockings and decor that suits our new house(!).  and no one needs 12 freaking store bought old halloween costumes, never to be worn again.  college me should be ashamed, what was i thinking?!

sadly, there's two boxes still in my parents' attic that i didn't get to.  1 of kitchen things and 1 of clothes (old winter coats and swim suits, i'm almost positive.)  i was planning on clearing those out while i was there, but the circus that is pet sitting 3 dogs did not leave me much time beyond the holiday things.  they knew they outnumbered me, those little fur monsters.
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