November Spending Recap

under the rules of my spending frost, i'm going to limit my outings to 2 per month and 2 dinners with john (instead of 4 dinners and untracked/unlimited outings.)  additional outings will have to be paid for by earning money in other ways, like dog sitting.  i'm marking additional income as green and any spending as red.  if a date isn't listed, i didn't spend anything.  now some things were necessary, approved spending since this isn't a total spending freeze, but i decided to list them anyway.

november 1
+$110 sold old jewelry
-$20 chinese food with tara in the morning (holy halloween hangover.  i feel like i can never stock/cook anything to help a hangover like ordering in can.  what do you do?)
-$26 grocery store (mostly snack foods, see reason for chinese food)

november 3
-$13 beer for the apartment

november 4
-$47 ordered in greek food for dinner with john

november 7
+$25 paypal from swagbucks

november 8
-$11 blog sponsoring.  already committed, but it'll probably be the last time for awhile.
-$29 cleaning service for the apartment.  worth every penny.

november 10
+$60 sold my bar cart.  i didn't even want to move it back in august, but the boys fit it in the truck.  i don't use it any more.  so i listed it on craigslist, easy!
-$15 groceries, made italian food for john and myself.  and hawkeye.  and $6 of that was just their meatballs, because meat is expensive.

november 13
+$25 paypal from swagbucks
-$9 bought one of those hoods that covers your whole face and head for winter.  necessity, and if you don't agree, you live in the south.
-$154 hair appointment.  was supposed to be in october but i pushed it back and technically rolled the money over from my october budget.  and i pretty much only get it done twice a year (terrible, i know, i pretend 'every six weeks' means 'every six months.')

november 14
ashten bought an ad in my sidebar.  because she's awesome, obviously.  i then unapologetically stalked photos of her dog warner online.
+$25 paypal from swagbucks
-$27 groupon deal.  okay, hear me out.  i had the swagbucks money come in.  and then there was a really good sale at a store and groupon for half off that sale.  so, i bought the groupon and bought the things... which are christmas gifts for christmas 2015.  (it's not edible, obvs.)  i'm sure they'll have a similar deal next year, but now i'm done with really nice gifts for 6 people, i have a storage spot for them, and it's not even christmas 2014.  since it's something i buy often for myself, i know it was the best price - it came out to $5 per person for what would have been $20 per person.  i had to do it, people.  tell me i'm wrong.

november 15
-$14 taco bell.  went out in wrigley for my birthday and i'm incapable of leaving there without getting taco bell for me and hawkeye.

november 16
-$20 brunch with ida.  she came out the night before and stayed over.  we went to brunch with her sister, who i hadn't seen in years, so it was a nice treat.

november 19 - 23
+$500 stayed at my parents' house and watched their dogs while they were in vegas.

november 24
+$25 paypal from swagbucks
-$8 lunch with katie

november 26
+$40 sold side tables

november 28
+7 iva renewed her ad in my sidebar.  i love having her there, she's the one blogger i can always count on to learn something awesome from.

total: -$393 in spending, +$824 in bonus income.  net = +$431

i also paid my fixed bills, obviously - rent, internet, transportation ($100 cta pass), health insurance, utilities, netflix = $1355 or less.  this never changes, so i probably won't mention it again. 
all in all, i consider this a successful month for the spending frost.  my net spending total is in the green, but that's due to the bonus income (which will be less now that i've sold off most of what i intended to and won't be watching the dogs again until april.)  i think it was good to start with birthday month so i could ease into spending less.  all the birthday food freebies made it easier!  december is going to be tougher - i have 3 close friends' birthdays, plus the holidays.

i definitely learned that cash is my weakness as is having a partner in crime.  cash is like free money to me for some reason, i spend it without a second thought.  usually because cash is outside of my paycheck - it's 'bonus income.'  so it's not included in my initial monthly budget and therefore i don't feel the need to track it in my budget app.  the first four purchases in red were all in cash.  lesson learned - put cash in the bank asap.  and i usually only spend when someone else is with me, like tara or john.  if i'm on my own, i'm happy to stay in and eat whatever is in my fridge/pantry.  hopefully in december i can talk everyone into cheap places to eat and drink.

oh and things i almost caved and bought, but didn't: b&bw candles (john got me one for my birthday, perfect timing), an iphone app (that looked awesome but was $5 and for $5 it better spit out candy,) a dress at the limited, ice cream, white wine, potbelly's, shirts at maurices and venus, and a whole virtual cart full of things at victoria's secret.


  1. Im just amazed you bought 2015 gifts already! Amazed and so impressed!

  2. I am awful with cash too. I would suck at that money management where you put cash in the envelopes.

  3. Cash is always more tempting for me, too. I try to stick with my card whenever possible. I buy so much less.

  4. You did great!

    Super impressed by the 2015 Christmas gifts, and it definitely sounds like a great deal.

  5. Nice! I'd say that's a good month! I've been going through my clothes lately and getting them ready to put up on eBay. I'm counting on a little extra cash from that to get me through all the December festivities! I have no recommendations for at-home hangover cures. I like to hit up a drive-thru and get poutine! And I'm SO bad at going to the hairdresser. I'm lucky if I go once a year...and now I want to hide my face in shame!

  6. Gosh you're amazing! Seriously I am SO impressed.

  7. I would say you did a great job!!!! All the money coming in would have tempted me to let it go right back out!

  8. I would looooove to have a cleaning service for our apartment!!!!

  9. You are the Swagbucks queen. I've been tracking my spending as well, I like that you've put it online so you're like extra accountable.

  10. Having cash KILLS me. I know some people do that take out the cash and only spend that thing, but that is a disaster for me. I too act like it's free money. And, it's not.

    I do what I want.

  11. Peanut Butter and Jelly is usually my hangover food. That is a lot of swagbucks payout girl, i think you need to do another tutorial. Mine is like once ever other month! I am doing something wrong.

  12. wow, fabulous! way to go on the presents for next year already, i am going to try and have a lot of my shopping done before like august next year. i totally agree with takeout when i'm hungover, nothing tastes as good as something i didn't cook or already have. oh and cash - i'm so bad with it, i never have it because if i do i'll spend it.
    and holy moly $500 for dog sitting? i need to do that. lol.

  13. I love any of your money-related posts. I always find it so eye-opening and inspiring to see how other people do/handle their finances. Swagbucks is saving my butt this Christmas, I haven't spend anything out of pocket yet and I'm almost done w/ everyone!!

  14. Wow, great job!! That must be a good feeling at the end of the month to know how you're saving so much more than you otherwise would be!

  15. I'm terrible with cash too. I seem to think if I have cash I can afford it, even when that (usually) isn't the case.

  16. I'm so psyched to be following along with your spending frost haha. Thanks for sharing this breakdown!

  17. I am still in awe after so many months on how well you with swagbucks. I can make no progress with that site . I finally stopped trying after several weeks. * Sarah Grace

    1. Oh no! You should keep trying, it's definitely worth it! I'll do a 'day in the life' post and highlight all the steps I take each day, that might help.

  18. Ok I have two questions...
    1) Swagbucks? how on earth does that work to make you $25 a month??
    2) Christmas 2015 presents?? I am in awe... and also super curious what it is!!

  19. Okay I feel like I may be missing out on something- what are swag bucks? Great job on that spending freeze! Also, that is awesome money for dog sitting!

    1. Oh you can see all my Swagbucks posts here - I love it, it's very easy to earn money, I'm up to $1000 since mid April of this year!
      My mom definitely pays me great to watch the dogs, it's my favorite job. Still less than what she would pay boarding them!